What rifle is made in Finland?

The RK 62 (from Finnish rynnäkkökivääri 62, ‘assault rifle 62’), officially 7.62 RK 62 and commercially M62, is an assault rifle manufactured by Valmet and Sako. It is the standard issue infantry weapon of the Finnish Defence Forces….

RK 62
RK 62
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Finland
Service history

Are Sako rifles any good?

Sako has produced many excellent rifles over the years. There are few hunters around the world who will not be familiar with the brand, and the response is usually the same: ‘Sako makes some great rifles. ‘ reat nick, but shot well enough, and as far as the rifle design was concerned, I was most certainly a fan.

Are Blaser rifles accurate?

Accuracy – Yes, Blaser R8 have a reputation for shooting sub-MOA with about any factory barrel you care to mount. But I also have many rifles that shoot sub-MOA with their favorite load.

Are Sako rifles still made in Finland?

Sako rifles and cartridges are proudly made in Finland and sold, in the United States, through a nationwide network of authorized dealers.

What guns do the Finnish Special Forces use?

Special Forces | Arms & Equipment

  • 1958. ArmaLite / Colt AR-15. Select-Fire Automatic Rifle.
  • 1958. ArmaLite AR-10. Battle Rifle.
  • 1970. AT-4 (Spigot) / 9M111 (Fagot)
  • 1974. AT-5 (Spandrel) / 9M113 (Contest)
  • 1982. Barrett M82.
  • 1995. Barrett M95.
  • 1937. Boys 0.55in.
  • 1983. Browning BDA (Browning Double-Action)

What gun does Finland use?

Infantry weapons

Model Origin Type
7.62 RK 95 TP Finland Assault rifle
7.62 RK 72 7.62 RK 72 TP East Germany Assault rifle
AK-74M Russia Assault rifle

Which is better Sako or Tikka?

I would stick with Tikka due to that fact it’s more customizable (i.e more aftermarket parts). Sky is the limit on what you want to do with those tikkas. Sako 85 gives you a better stock , better recoil lug, and no plastic magazine, but you lose the drilled and tapped receiver, which limits your scope mounting options.

Is Sako owned by Beretta?

It also has owned the Tikka brand of bolt-action rifles since 1983, and is now owned by the Italian firearm holding company Beretta Holding….SAKO.

Type Subsidiary
Revenue unknown
Parent Beretta Holding
Website www.sako.fi

Is Blaser R8 safe?

SAFE. For decades, Blaser’s manual cocking system has set the benchmark. There is no mechanical safety system that guarantees the safety of an uncocked firing spring. The R8 is cocked the very moment before shooting.

How good is Blaser R8?

The R8 Silence was very sweet to shoot, the balance seemed good, and the fully moderated barrel certainly tamed any recoil and blast, which in the context of a fast-reloading straight-pull really helps keep you welded to the rifle as you cycle the action.

Did Beretta buy Sako?

What does Sako mean in Finnish?

Sako is Finnish Boy name and meaning of this name is “Brave; Hunter”.