What port does Wake on LAN use?

The default port that RES ONE Automation uses for Wake-on-LAN is port 3163, but you can select an alternative UDP port number if necessary.

What port does Synology DiskStation use?

7. Packages

Type Port Number Protocol
Synology Drive Server 80 (link sharing), 443 (link sharing), 5000 (HTTP), 5001 (HTTPS), 6690 (Synology Drive Client) TCP
Synology High Availability (HA) 123 (NTP), ICMP, 5000 (HTTP), 5001 (HTTPS), 1234, 9997, 9998, 9999 (Synology Assistant), 874, 5405, 5406, 7400-7999 (HA) TCP/UDP

Where is my Wake-on-LAN port?

In Windows Open the Device Manager and expand the “Network Adapters” section. Right click on your network card and go to Properties, then click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down in the list to find “Wake on Magic Packet” and change the Value to “Enabled.” You can leave the other “Wake on” settings alone.

How do I find my Wake-on-LAN port?

  1. Open the Device Manager, click Network adapters, right-click the Network Adapter to be WOL enabled, and click Properties.
  2. Click the Link Speed tab then verify installation of Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and verify it is the latest version.

How do I wake up on LAN Synology?

Go to Joinable Devices for Wake on LAN, enter the MAC address of the target, and click Wake up. To wake up a joined Synology devices (e.g. a Synology DiskStation/RackStation) over QuickConnect, tick Enable WOL over QuickConnect, and wake up the device by login with your QuickConnect credentials.

How do I remotely access my Diskstation?


  1. Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect.
  2. Check the Enable QuickConnect box.
  3. If you do not have a Synology Account, click Log in to or register a Synology Account.
  4. Create your own QuickConnect ID in the QuickConnect ID field.
  5. If you do not see the QuickConnect DSM link, click Advanced and make sure DSM is enabled.

How do I change my Synology DSM port?

At Control Panel > Network > DSM Settings, you can change the port number that clients use to access your Synology NAS.

How do I enable Wake-on-LAN?

  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click System.
  3. Click the Hardware tab and click Device Manager.
  4. Expand the Network Adapters section.
  5. Right-click on your adapter and select Properties.
  6. Click the Advanced tab.
  7. Select Wake-on-LAN Options and click Properties. Set the following: Enable PME: set to Enabled.

How do I test on Wake-on-LAN?

In Network View, right-click the agent that has Wake On Lan Monitor running on it, and select Wake Up > Wake Up On LAN. This will broadcast the Magic Packet across the network, which has Agent information to identify that the Magic Packet is only intended to be acknowledged by the designated Agent.

Can a Synology NAS be Wake on Wan?

After that, I can assure to you that I can Wake On Lan / Wake On Wan my Synology NAS and even my computer. First many thx for bigeddu providing the right WOL (WOW) port 22 for wake the Synology DS up :-), and for the excelent documented guide to set up the router.

Can a Synology ds213 be used as a time machine?

Synology DS213 offers a centralized backup target to consolidate fragmented and unstructured data across a network. PC users can back up their data to Synology DS213 using Synology Data Replicator software, and Mac OS X®users enjoy native Apple Time Machine integration.

Do you have to have static Lan IP for Synology?

– the synology does not have to have a static LAN ip (step 2.) A WOL packet is sent into an entire network, and is not addressed to any specific computer. A message like “Hey, is mac address aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff around?”

Why does DS finder work when Synology is off?

The reason your setup works is because you use DS Finder, plus you probably have tested this only when the Synology was down briefly, so your router didn’t clear it’s arp cache yet. I bet if your synology is off (not sleeping!) for a few hours this won’t work anymore.