What modules do I need for NUS?

NUS Modules you might wana take as your UEs

1 NM1101 Fortnightly tutorials & lectures, easy A+
2 Forensic Science x2 recommended this No tutorials, interesting mod. But 4 hour lectures starting from 6PM.
3 Organisational Behavior Content is light & intuitive. Exam is open book.

What are university course modules?

Most higher education courses have a ‘modular’ structure. This means that you can build a personalised course by choosing modules or units of study from different subject areas.

How many 1k modules can I take in NUS?

The limit on the number of Level-1000 modules to be counted towards fulfillment of graduation requirements is 60 MCs for both 120-MC and 160-MC programmes, excluding: CFG1002 Career Catalyst (2 MCs)

How many modules can su NUS?

Credits (APCs) at the point of admission to NUS may exercise the S/U option for up to 20 MCs in the first two regular semesters; if this is not fully utilised, the S/U option may still be exercised in subsequent semesters, for up to 12 MCs.

Is it easy to fail a module in NUS?

Recommended Grade Distribution (Source: NUS Provost Blog) In essence, this means that in university, it’s hard to actually fail for most modules (since only about 5% of students get a D-F grade), but it’s also hard to actually perform well as most people (about 70% of the cohort) fall between the B or C range.

How do modules work NUS?

The NUS modular system combines the rigour and depth of the British university system with the flexibility and breadth of the American system. Under this system, workloads are expressed in terms of Modular Credits (MCs), and academic performance is measured by grade points on a 5-point scale.

What are study modules?

Answer: Programmes are made up of modules. Each module is a self-contained, formally-structured unit of study, with a coherent and explicit set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

How many modules are in a year?

You will usually study 4 modules in each semester. What is a semester? A semester is a period of study time, usually 15 weeks long. At undergraduate level there are 2 semesters in each academic year, Semester A (September –January) and Semester B (January-June)

What is the passing grade in NUS?

Degree Classification

Honours Degree Classification (i) Criteria
Pass CAP 2.00 – 2.99
Bachelor’s Degree Classification (iii) Criteria
Pass with Merit CAP 3.00 and above
Pass CAP 2.00 – 2.99

How many semesters are there in NUS?

two semesters
It consists of two semesters and a special term. Each regular semester includes 13 weeks of instruction and 2 weeks of end-of-semester examinations.

How many Su Can I carry forward?

Up to 8 S/U MCs may be carried forward, regardless of any other additional faculty/programme provision. The carried forward S/U MCs are to be used only in the student’s second active semester (not including the Special Terms) and not beyond.

Does s/u affect GPA?

The student’s GPA will not be affected by the S/U grading system. In case a student ends with a letter grade of “U,” then it means the requirements of the course have not been met and the student will need to retake the class.

Is there cap on number of modules in Singapore?

Singapore Citizens enrolled in Skills-Based Modular Courses will receive the same level of subsidies as the equivalent part-time qualification. There is no cap on the number of Skills-Based Modular Courses that Singapore Citizens can be funded for.

How many schools are there in Singapore Management University?

SMU is composed of six distinguished schools, each offering an undergraduate programme that transforms you to your fullest potential. Discover the new core curriculum for all undergraduates, to help you anticipate the skills necessary in the future.

Is there cap on number of skills based modular courses in Singapore?

There is no cap on the number of Skills-Based Modular Courses that Singapore Citizens can be funded for. Individuals may use their SkillsFuture Credit (given to Singapore Citizens aged 25 & above) to defray the course fee.

What are the honours requirements for Global Studies?

All Global Studies Majors would have to complete a total of 40MCs (not including language modules) at level 4000 to fulfill the Global Studies Honours requirements; including the Core Modules for Honours: GL4101 Research in Global Issues and GL4102 Task Force. These modules are offered consecutively each academic year.