What material is 16MnCr5?

Steel grade 16MnCr5 is a structural steel for parts that are surface hardened. It is made in accordance with the BS EN ISO 683-3 standard (formerly EN 10084). Classification: Special alloy steel.

What is the composition of EN24?

EN24 is a very high strength steel alloy which is supplied hardened and tempered….EN24 and EN24T Steel.

817M40 (EN24) Specification Chemical composition
Carbon 0.36-0.44%
Chromium 1.00-1.40%
Molybdenum 0.20-0.35%
Nickel 1.30-1.70%

What is EN31 material?

EN31 is a quality high carbon alloy steel which offers a high degree of hardness with compressive strength and abrasion resistance.

What is 20MnCr5 material?

20MnCr5 is a case-hardening steel with low carbon content but good hardenability reaching good wear resistance due to high surface hardness after hardening. The small grain size benefits in good ductility and fatigue strength. Suitable for gearboxes and axle gears.

What does 16MnCr5 mean?

16MnCr5 is an alloyed case hardening steel used for e.g. mechanical engineering components. The steel can be M-treated in order to optimize the machinability.

What is 16MnCr5 steel?

16MnCr5 steel are alloyed case hardening engineering steels for parts which require core tensile strength of 800 – 1100 N/mm² and good wearing resistance. It is an engineering material typically used to manufacture piston bolts, camshafts, levers and other vehicle and mechanical engineering components.

What is EN24 steel used for?

EN24T is used in components subject to high stress and with a large cross section. This can include aircraft, automotive and general engineering applications for example propeller or gear shafts, connecting rods, aircraft landing gear components.

What is the hardness of EN31?

24 HRC.
Base metal hardness for EN31 steel is 24 HRC.

What is hardness of en9 material?


Condition N T
Tensile Strength,Mpa 600-700 850-1000
Yield Strength,Mpa ≥310 ≥570
Elongation 13% 12%
Hardness, HBW 201-255 248-302

Is 8620 a chemical composition?

The following table shows the chemical composition of AISI 8620 alloy steel….Chemical Composition.

Element Content (%)
Iron, Fe 96.895-98.02
Manganese, Mn 0.700-0.900
Nickel, Ni 0.400-0.700
Chromium, Cr 0.400-0.600

What is 20CrMnTi steel?

The 20CrMnTi Gearing steel will get Hardness MAX 248 HB (Brinell hardness). Heated slowly to 788°C, Then put in salt-bath furnace keep 1191 ℃to 1204 ℃。 quenching by oil get 60 to 66 HRc hardness. High temperature tempering: 650-700℃,cool in air, get hardness 22 to 30HRC.