What kind of fabric is used in jewelry boxes?

Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and wool are the best choices because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Velvet made from silk, rayon, or cotton (commonly called velveteen) is a good choice. It usually has deep pile to cushion fine jewelry. You can see the look of a velveteen lining in the main photo.

Is Velvet good for jewelry?

Only use high quality, velvet lined or soft cloth storage for your expensive pieces and heirloom quality jewelry. This will offer the most protection. The jewelry should be kept out of direct sunlight and each piece should be wrapped individually or placed in it’s own protective compartment.

How do you put felt in a jewelry box?

Spray a short burst of adhesive on the bottom of the box, covering it lightly with the spray. Carefully lay one piece of felt in the bottom in the box. The glue stays sticky for a few minutes so you have time to adjust the felt to fit. Smooth it out with your fingers.

What is the best finish for a wooden box?

Three great finishes (that aren’t polyurethane)

  • Danish oil: Smooth and easy.
  • Make it satin smooth.
  • Lacquer: Fast and fine.
  • Brush it on.
  • Not all foam is created equal.
  • Shellac: The natural choice.
  • Understanding “cut”

What do you do with a jewelry box?

Jewelry boxes are also a fun way to accessorize spaces of your home especially when that jewelry box is a creative project you’ve made yourself. Show off your DIY skills with one of these 21 Beautiful & Functional Jewelry Boxes! Decorative boxes are the perfect size to be a jewelry box.

Can you make a jewelry box out of a chest of drawers?

This DIY Gold Rimmed Acrylic Jewelry Box from Earnest Home Co. transforms regular household items into something glamorous. An easy DIY turns a boring mini chest of drawers into a nifty jewelry box. Get the full how-to for this Chest of Drawers Jewelry Box at Beqbe!

What to do with an old silverware box?

These Fruity Wooden Trinket Boxes from Damask Love are even tastier filled with your favorite accessories. Give an outdated silverware box a updated look using stencil, fabric and filigrees to stash your precious gems. Get the full Silverware Box tutorial at The Navage Patch.

Can you make a jewelry box out of a cigar box?

This Double Decker Quilled Jewelry Box from Vikalpah has us all wound up! It can be created in multicolors, shades of single colors or a single color. You get to choose! Turn an old cigar box into a stylish marbled jewelry box, complete with leather & brass details!