What is Type 2 suspension?

32-level adjustable damping: Function & Form Type 2 are the ultimate street inspired full-bodied coilovers with 32-levels of damping to provide the precise control when modifying ride quality and handling. Function and Form lower mounts provide a durable barrier against all weather elements.

How low do function and form type 1 coilovers go?

We aim to have all of our systems meet a lowering range of 1-3.5 inches or more on many applications. We always suggest keeping in mind of road conditions in your area as that can play a major role in driving comfort and maintenance of the coilovers.

Are TSX and TL coilovers the same?

The spring rate difference between the two is the TL front rate is 12K while the TSX front rate is 10K. The rear springs rates are EXACTLY the same, same TEIN part numbers too. So if she doesn’t mind the stiffer spring rate up front, go for it.

Can you rebuild Truhart coilovers?

The Truhart StreetPlus Coilover Suspension system is a budget based coilover thats perfect for the everyday driver. The Truhart coilovers are available for a wide range of honda & acura and import applications, with great support from Truhart making rebuilds and replacements down the road easy.

What are function form coilovers?

Full-bodied coilover: All Function and Form kits are full-bodied coilovers built for street performance and weekend track enthusiasts. Preset damping: Function and Form Type 1 coilover has set dampening characteristics for you and matched it with the proper spring rates for street performance and smooth ride .

What is a function form?

An equation is in function form when it is solved for y. For example, 2 8 x y + = is not in function form. However, we can quickly rewrite it in function form by subtracting 2x from both sides of the equation: 2 8 y x = − + is function form.

Where is TruHart made?

Where are coilovers made? Our ultimate guide!

Brand Line Made
TruHart USA Basic Coilovers China
TruHart USA StreetPlus Coilovers China
Whiteline Pending
Yonaka Taiwan

Are TruHart coilovers bad?

TruHart StreetPlus Coilovers are still considered to be “cheap coilovers” since they are generally under $550, but they offer more features such as the ability to raise or lower the vehicle by using the bottom mount so you don’t lose shock travel, as well as have top mounts.

What is meant by form and function?

Form and function in science refer to the direct relationship between the structure of a thing and the way it functions. It is the form and function of every part of a living thing that allows it to survive; it is the form and function of every component of an ecosystem that allows it to thrive.