What is the tyre pressure for a Bailey caravan?

When you buy a caravan, you may be shocked at the amount of tyre pressure needed. Most cars are around 26psi, and if you go to the garage to add air to your tyres, 26 seems to be the default. However, caravan tyres require a much higher pressure, some as high as 65 psi.

What PSI should my caravan be?

The tyre pressure should be around 42psi, depending on the load in your van and your specific RV as some smaller vans can run at a lower psi. The recommended minimum psi is 35psi.

How do I find the tyre pressure on my caravan?

On the side of your caravan tyres sidewall, it will state (often in very small text) the maximum inflation PSI. For the tyres in our example (185 R14C 102) they have a maximum inflation pressure of 65 PSI.

How many psi should tyres be?

For most vehicles, you can find the ideal tire pressure on the sticker/card inside the driver’s door for newer cars. If there’s no sticker, you can usually find the info in the owner’s manual. Normal tire pressure is usually between 32~40 psi(pounds per square inch) when they are cold.

How wide is a Bailey caravan?

Shipping length: 6.19m (20′ 4″) Internal length: 4.66m (15′ 4″) Width: 2.28m (7′ 6″) Payload: 113kg.

How do I know my tyre pressure?

You can find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle in your vehicle handbook or printed either in the sill of the driver’s door or on the inside of the fuel tank flap. Your vehicle manufacturer may suggest different tyre pressures for your front and rear tyres so make sure you’re aware of these guidelines.

How do I know my tire pressure?

To determine how much tire pressure to add, subtract the weight of the new tire at pressure from the weight of the old tire at pressure. In our example, this results in 75, or 2,205 minus 2,130. Next, take that result and divide it by the pounds per psi of the new tire. This equates to 1.23, or 75 divided 60.8.

What is 240 tyre pressure in psi?

Looking for tyre pressure Data/Charts? If so Click here

14 1.0 230
15 1.0 230
16 1.1 240
17 1.2 250

How do you calculate best tyre pressure?

On newer cars, the recommended tire pressure is most commonly listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door. If there’s no sticker on the door, you can usually find the specs in the owner’s manual. Most passenger cars will recommend 32 psi to 35 psi in the tires when they’re cold.

What PSI should my 4WD Tyres be?

Recommended tyre pressures on an AWD or 4WD will generally be 30 psi and up.

Is 40 psi too high for tires?

The recommended tire pressure for most passenger and sports cars is between 32 and 40 psi, but you should check your vehicle’s manual for more specific instructions. The recommended tire pressure is set with cold tires so be sure to check them before or after a long ride.

What is the lightest Bailey caravan?

Bailey Discovery
The Bailey Discovery is the lightest caravan in the entire Bailey caravans’ new portfolio. The Bailey Discovery has stylish and modern interiors which feature ambient lighting and a vertical opening front skylight allowing natural light to flow through your caravan.