What is the story Elmer about?

When Elmer discovers a bush in the jungle with elephant-colored berries, he shakes the bush and rolls in a berry mash until he is as gray as the others. Now no one seems to notice him; for a time he enjoys his anonymity, but after a while he begins to realize just how quiet and dull things are when he’s not around.

What happens Elmer?

In Elmer, Elmer, the patchwork elephant, enjoys the role of being the clown of the elephant herd. All the other elephants laugh at his jokes and enjoy the games that he comes up with. But one day, Elmer stops having fun playing with the other elephants and decides to leave.

Is Elmer a boy or a girl?

Elmer is an elephant with rainbow and white squares arranged as a patchwork. He has a cheerful and optimistic personality, and he loves practical jokes.

What age group are the Elmer books for?

The pages are filled with amazing artwork and illustrations which bring the story to life, Elmer’s fun personality makes everybody laugh, is suitable for young readers ages 5-7.

What is the theme of Elmer the elephant?

Elmer, the patchwork elephant’s story explicitly, yet simplistically weaves themes of identity, diversity and tolerance into its narrative. It offers its readers, both adults and children, an opportunity to think about and start a dialogue around these topics.

Who is Elmer the Safety elephant?

For nearly 60 years Elmer the Safety Elephant has been delivering his safety message to Canadian school children. His rules of the road, which include “Look both ways before crossing the street” and “Keep away from parked cars,” were based on 1940s studies of collisions involving children aged five to nine years old.

What does Elmer mean?

[ el-mer ] SHOW IPA. / ˈɛl mər / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a male given name: from Old English words meaning “noble” and “famous.”

Why is Elmer the elephant special?

He’s famous and stands out because he’s not grey like the rest of his herd, instead, his skin is a patchwork of bright colours. He’s lively, cracks jokes, and is well-loved. On that day, all the elephants transform themselves into colourful patchwork elephants, and Elmer colours himself grey.

What is the meaning of Elmer?

Who invented Elmer the Safety Elephant?

Robert Hood Saunders
In the program’s first year, automobile collisions involving children dropped by 44 per cent. Elmer the Safety Elephant was the brainchild of former Toronto mayor Robert Hood Saunders, who was inspired by a safety program set up in elementary schools in Detroit, Mich.

How old is Elmer the Safety Elephant?

Elmer the Safety Elephant was born in 1947. That year, his impact was dramatic. Traffic collisions among Toronto children dropped an astonishing 44 per cent – even though vehicle registrations increased by 10 per cent! The first Elmer was a standard jungle elephant in profile.

What does Elmer the Elephant teach?

Elmer teaches us that everyone has something unique to bring the table and there’s no point trying to disguise your true self. Always be yourself, especially if you are a multicoloured elephant.

Who is the author of Elmer the elephant?

Elmer by David McKee is a vibrant, funny tale with strong and positive messages. The patchwork and colourful Elmer the elephant is instantly recognisable and helps even very young children explore the idea that we are all the same, but different. Elmer lives with a herd of elephants.

How to make your own Elmer the elephant?

Colour in the patchwork pattern Use an empty milk carton, glue and coloured paper to make your own Elmer! Create a collage of Elmer using lots of different materials Write a comic strip of the story and colour it in. Cut out and create Elmer masks. Write a script and act out the story as a class.

Who is Elmer in the book Elmer by David McKee?

Elmer by David Mckee is a story about an elephant who was covered in a patchwork of different colours. He always made the other elephants laugh and smile; they laughed with him and he always seemed the root of the fun.

What kind of questions does Elmer the elephant ask?

Elmer explores questions like “How do differences impact friendships?” and “Must we fulfill our social roles and obligations?” Elmer the elephant is covered in a colorful patchwork pattern. But his appearance isn’t the only unusual thing about Elmer–he’s also got a different sense of humor. Will his community ever accept him?