What is the stat priority for prot pally?

Prot Paladins have Strength as their primary stat. The primary benefits are that it gives us Attack Power (AP), Parry chance and increases the armor gained from Shield of the Righteous. For secondary stats, Prot Paladins has the following: Haste: This reduces our GCD (Global Cooldown).

Do prot paladins need hit rating?

Paladins rely on both Melee and Spell Hit Rating to ensure their attacks and spells land successfully, respectively. With Precision, we only need 6% of each to become capped.

What stats are important for Paladin?

Best Stats for a Paladin:

  • Str: Unless you’re going for a DEX based build, you’ll want to pump this up.
  • Dex: Dexterity is obviously preferable for finese weapons.
  • Con: Another top tier stat.
  • Int: When people talk about the, “Big Stupid Paladin” they’re talking about you, dump Intelligence…

Is versatility good for prot pally?

Versatility: This just increases all your damage and healing done while reducing all damage taken. Very similar to our mastery the benefit of versatility is that it’ll be active outside of your Consecration however it isn’t as good as mastery on heavy physical damage due to mastery giving us more block.

How much versatility does a tank need Shadowlands?

Tanking @ 212.13 iLVL and 11.8% versatility.

Is versatility good for tanks?

Add in healing and tanking cooldowns and it gets even worse. You have 1% Versatility, you do 1% more damage and healing and absorbs and you take . 5% less damage. It’s a solid stat for anyone – DPS, healer or tank (especially tanks with self-heals or absorbs, which is pretty much all of them).

Do prot paladins need hit TBC?

Attributes for Protection Paladin Tank in Burning Crusade. In order to be prepared for tanking heroic dungeons and raids, becoming immune to critical hits is absolutely necessary in order to survive.

How much spell power should a prot paladin have?

2.3 Hit, Spell Hit and Expertise It takes a bit less than 9% hit to be hit capped, the exception is Righteous Defense, while it uses melee hit to reduce it’s chance to be resisted, it has the resist rate a spell does, so you’d need 16% hit to cap it against level 73’s and bosses.

Why do Paladins need strength?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages of each: Strength Paladin Advantages: Better Armor Class (can wear heavy plate) Optimal damage dealer (heavy weapons do more damage than a DEX Paladin’s finesse weapons)

How do you make an overpowered Paladin in D&D?

14 Ways To Make An Overpowered Paladin In Dungeons and Dragons

  1. 1 Multi-Classing: Bard. If you want even more spells, then a Bard is the way to go.
  2. 2 Multi-Classing: Warlock.
  3. 3 Feat: Sentinel.
  4. 4 Feat: Polearm Master.
  5. 5 Feat: Dragon Fear.
  6. 6 Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting.
  7. 7 Background: Sailor.
  8. 8 Background: Solider.

What does mastery do for prot pally?

For Protection Paladins, Mastery provides block rating via Divine Bulwark. Currently for each whole point of Mastery (decimal amounts do not apply) the Paladin will receive 2.25% increased chance to block.

What is haste for prot warrior?

Haste: Haste does a lot for a Protection Warriors, as well as decreasing the global cooldown, increasing your attack speed it also decreases the cooldown on Shield Slam and Thunder Clap and as our 2 main rage generating abilities is both good for damage and survivability.

Which is the most important stat for a Protection Paladin?

Defensively, the stat priority for Protection Paladins are as follows: Haste; Mastery; Versatility; Critical Strike.

What are the benefits of being a PROT Paladin?

Prot Paladins have Strength as their primary stat. The primary benefits are that it gives us Attack Power (AP), Parry chance and increases the armor gained from Shield of the Righteous. Haste: This reduces our GCD (Global Cooldown).

What does haste do for a Protection Paladin?

Haste: Haste does a lot for a Protection Paladins, as well as increasing your attack speed it also decreases your global cooldown and the cooldown on some of your abilities, this reduces the overall downtime between your Shield of the Righteous stacks.

Do you need stamina to be a Protection Paladin?

In addition to this minimum amount of Stamina, we feel that Stamina remains quite valuable for Protection Paladins. However, most of your Stamina is innately found on your gear, but it is always a good option to have additional Stamina available, should it temporarily be necessary through trinkets, enchants, and gemming (in that order).