What is the song played in The Batman trailer?

Something In The Way
The song in The Batman trailer that released at DC FanDome 2021 is “Something In The Way” by Nirvana, albeit an edited, slowed-down version of the song. Interestingly, The Batman trailer song is the same one that was used in the first trailer from the previous summer.

What is the song at the end of The Dark Knight?

Hans Zimmer – The Dark Knight Rises – End Credits (Official HQ Movie Version)

What is the name of the Dark Knight Rises theme song?

Main Theme
Main Theme (From “The Dark Knight Rises”) – Single by Hans Zimmer, Lindsey Stirling | Spotify.

Who sings something in the way in The Batman trailer?

Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’ Soundtracks New Trailer for ‘The Batman’ The trailer shows Robert Pattinson as the new Dark Knight with a remixed version of the ‘Nevermind’ closer.

What is The Batman song?

“Batman Theme”, the title song of the 1966 Batman TV series, was composed by Neal Hefti. This song is built around a guitar hook reminiscent of spy film scores and surf music. It has a twelve bar blues progression, using only three chords until the coda.

Who is composing The Batman?

Michael Giacchino
The Batman/Music composed by

Why is Joker so sad?

Why so serious? is a famous line from the movie The Dark Knight. Why so serious? has also become a popular meme, usually paired with images of the Joker. Why so serious? is also an English phrase that’s usually said to a somber person in a joyful setting. In this last case, it has a more sincere meaning than the meme.

Who did the music in Dark Knight?

Hans Zimmer
James Newton Howard
The Dark Knight/Music composed by

The soundtrack was composed by Batman Begins collaborators Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard and recorded in April 2008.

What language is The Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight Rises/Languages

Who is composing the Batman?

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