What is the product of bamboo craft?

A wide variety of products made in bamboo are, floor mats, beach mats, table mats, table runners, coasters, curtains, furniture, shoulder bags, purses, coin, jewelry, magazine holders, cutlery trays, fruit trays, boxes, bins, baskets, lamps, table watches, masks etc.

Can and bamboo craft of Assam?

Bamboo base craft is now mainly a household industry and occupies an important place among the handicrafts of the State. It provides a subsidiary occupation to the cultivators and full-time occupation to the highly skilled artisans who produce only fine decorative baskets, furniture and mats, etc.

What is the main handicrafts of Assam?

Present Handicrafts industries in Assam

  • Bell Metal Industry of Sarthebari.
  • Brass metal.
  • Fireworks Craft in Barpeta.
  • Craft on Jute Diversification.
  • Bamboo , Cane, Sitalpati Craft.
  • Water Hyacinth.
  • Areca Nut Leaf ( Tamulor Dhakuwa)
  • Jewellery Craft.

Is Assam famous for bamboo?

In Assam, bamboo has been an integral part of our cultural, social and economic traditions. This renewable and versatile resource is an important component of the natural wealth of the State which grows abundantly in the forests and is cultivated in homesteads, groves and on private plantations.

What is bamboo handicraft?

Bamboo crafts are craft items made from bamboo. A range of items can be handcrafted from bamboo, often needing few or basic tools.

How bamboo crafts are made?

The thin strips of bamboo are dipped in water to make the bamboo softer for bending and weaving purpose. Artisan takes one single strip of bamboo and alternatively weaves onto the straps, in order to tighten and tying the straps together so it won’t fall out.

What do the Assamese use can and bamboo for?

Cane and bamboo are the two most commonly-used materials in daily life in Assam. Products ranging from household implements to construction of dwelling houses to weaving accessories to musical instruments are made in bamboo. Besides basket-weaving, bamboo is used chiefly in the construction of houses and fencing.

What is Assam famous for?

Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk. The state was the first site for oil drilling in Asia. Assam is home to the one-horned Indian rhinoceros, along with the wild water buffalo, pygmy hog, tiger and various species of Asiatic birds, and provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant.

Which art is famous in Assam?

The distinctive style has made Asarikandi an ethnic art brand in India. Asarikandi is also known for its sola pith craft, made from the soft core of a special kind of reed. Terracotta as a medium has dominated the handicraft scene of Assam since time immemorial.

What is Assam bamboo?

Assam is rich in sylvan resources and most of its forests are richly stocked with bamboo and cane of various species. Bamboo is a raw material of great versatility and forms an integral part of the lifestyle and economy of Assam. North East Region stores 66% of India’s bamboo.

What are the use of bamboo handicrafts?

It also serves like an alternative to wood and other construction materials. Bamboo is also used immensely in producing pulp and paper. Bamboo is been exquisitely used all over in Indian Craft and Culture. From variety of baskets to furniture the Bamboo craft is grown immensely.

How do you manufacture bamboo products?

  1. Raw Material Quality Check.
  2. Cutting off.
  3. 3.Bamboo Strip.
  4. 4、Bamboo strip double-sided planning (removing bamboo green and yellow)
  5. 5、steaming (insect prevention and mildew prevention treatment) or carbonization and coloring treatment.
  6. 6、Dry.
  7. 7、bamboo strip fine planning.
  8. 8.Selection of bamboo strips.

What kind of crafts are made in Assam?

Assamese cane and bamboo crafts are made by a large number of artisans all over the state. These handicrafts also add to the export culture of Assam. Bamboo and cane contribute a lot to the economy and lifestyle of the north-eastern state of Assam.

What do people in Assam make out of bamboo?

A majority of the items used by the Assamese people in their day-to-day life are made of bamboo and cane. Right from furniture and roof tiles to common household, articles like baskets, beer mugs and sieves, a large number of items are made out of them.

Which is the most important product of Assam?

One of the most important products of bamboo is Japi, a traditional sunshade of Assam. It is made from strips of bamboo and tokow paat (dried palm leaves).

What kind of crafts are made out of bamboo?

It is made from strips of bamboo and tokow paat (dried palm leaves). Used mainly by the open-air workers, like the farmers, nowadays the japis are also used as decorative items in the drawing rooms of the natives as well as souvenirs by the tourists. Another important Assamese handicraft made of bamboo is the basket.