What is the price of Red Label in Punjab?

Brand Name Of liquor Quantity (ML) Price(INR)
100 Piper 12 Years 180 450
Black Label 750 2500
Red Label 750 1100
Chivas Regal 750 2500

What is the price of Red Label 750 ml?

Red Label Whisky Price In Delhi

Delhi 50 ml ₹125
Delhi 200 ml ₹380
Delhi 375 ml ₹675
Delhi 750 ml ₹1350

How much is original red label?

What are the prices of Johnnie Walker labels in Nigeria?

Product Size Carton Price (NGN)
Johnnie Walker Blue 70cl 367,030
Johnnie Walker Red 70cl 40,190
Johnnie Walker Red 20cl 30,429
Johnnie Walker Black 70cl 88,810

Is Whisky available in Pakistan?

After all, Karachi (and the rest of the Sindh province) is the only place in Pakistan where one can buy alcoholic beverages rather easily. Licenced ‘wine shops’ are a plenty and bootleggers (dealing in smuggled whisky, vodka and beer brands) operate freely.

What is price of Red Level?

Brooke Bond Red Level Tea, 900 Gm, Rs 405 /kilogram Mishra & Co.

How much is Jack Daniels whiskey?

Jack Daniel’s Pricing

Type Bottle Size Starting Price
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey 750ml $31.99
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select 750ml $52.99
Jack Daniel’s Rye 750ml $25.98
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select 1L $109.99

What is Johnnie Walker Red?

Johnnie Walker Red Label is a powerful mix of up to 30 malts and grains. It’s a combination of light whiskies from Scotland’s East Coast and more peaty whiskies from the West, expertly balanced to create an extraordinary depth of flavor.

What is Red Label alcohol?

Johnnie Walker Red is a blended scotch. This flavor has never been compromised, all of the malts are from Scotland, making Johnnie Walker Red Label the world’s favorite whisky, this brand has defined whisky all around the world.

How much is a bottle of Gold Label?

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is bottled at 40% ABV (80 proof) and is available around the mid-to-high $80 price range per 750 ml bottle.

Is Malt 79 a beer?

Muree Brewery Malt-79, Non-Alcoholic Malt Drink, Can, 330ml.

Does Pakistan have bars?

There are no bars since there are strict laws concerning alcohol, and it is illegal to drink in public. Waiter service is provided in the larger hotels and restaurants.