What is the population of a WoW server?

In retail World of Warcraft, you can get by on pretty much any server, despite its population….Bigglesworth.

US West PvP 5,350
Alliance 1,923 (35.9 percent)
Horde 3,427 (64.1 percent)

What is the best alliance Server EU?

most populated EU Alliance servers

  • Dalaran.
  • Marécage de Zangar.
  • Outland.
  • Doomhammer.
  • Turalyon.
  • Hyjal.
  • Argent Dawn.
  • Aegwynn.

What is the most popular server in WoW?

What is the most popular Realm in World of Warcraft?

# Realm Type
1 Illidan PvP
2 Area 52 PvE
3 Connected Jubei’Thos PvP
4 Mal’Ganis PvP

Did Asmongold quit WoW?

Asmon also wanted to make it “very clear” that he never quit World of Warcraft, which is something he’s said in the past. “I don’t know why this is hard for people to understand or hard for people to believe, but I did not quit.” And the reason is simple. “I love World of Warcraft and I like playing the game.

Is Illidan a good server?

Illidan is the fourth-highest population server in the North American region for retail World of Warcraft and home to the top NA guild, Complexity Limit. If you’re a Horde player and enjoy a bustling and highly competitive server, this is the one to pick.

Is Sargeras Horde or Alliance?

Sargeras is an Alliance majority server. Approxiamtely 92% of the server population is Alliance, and approximately 8% belong to the Horde.

Why is Area 52 so popular?

Area 52 is the highest population North American server, and competition is equally as high to be one of its top raiding guilds. Because of its large Horde majority, all of the top 10 Mythic progression guilds for the Mythic Castle Nathria and Ny’alotha raids on Area 52 are Horde guilds.

How many people are currently playing Wow?

The company that owns and operates “WoW” – Activision Blizzard – told investors during its quarterly conference call on Thursday that 7.1 million people are still actively playing the game. Over 7 million people!

What are the most popular Wow private servers?

WoW Circle. WoW Circle is the most popular private WoW server.

  • Ether Side. Ether Side is a relatively new entry in the WoW servers.
  • RetroWoW Insta 60. RetroWow Insta 60 is a custom Vanilla server for WoW.
  • WoW Mania
  • Unlimited WoW.
  • WoW Freakz.
  • Sunwell.
  • TwinStar-Apollo II.
  • Tauri.
  • Frostmourne WoW.
  • Why are servers down Wow?

    When WOW servers are down, it usually means a Battle.net outage which also means that it affects other Blizzard games online such as Overwatch. It could also be due to the fact that the Legion expansion launched in August 2016 is just too popular and fans can’t play World of Warcraft Legion as a result of intense server load.

    How do you change realms in Wow?

    Click Character & Guild Services on the bottom ribbon. Click Character Transfer. Select your current realm and character from the list on the right. Choose your destination realm or account and follow the prompts to complete the service.