What is the name of the theme song from NCIS?

Orchestral Attack
The soundtrack compilation showcases two new original tracks from cast members Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) and Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo), as well as a new take on the NCIS theme song, “Orchestral Attack,” by composer Brian Kirk.

Who sings the theme song at the beginning of NCIS New Orleans?

NCIS: New Orleans
Theme music composer John Lee Hooker
Opening theme “Boom Boom” performed by Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Composers Brian Kirk Tree Adams
Country of origin United States

What is the opening song for NCIS New Orleans?

The song, “Boom Boom,” is from Mississippi blues legend, John Lee Hooker.

Who wrote the theme song for NCIS Los Angeles?

James S. Levine
NCIS: Los Angeles/Music composed by

Who does music for NCIS?

composer Brian Kirk
NCIS composer Brian Kirk created each of the album’s 14 tracks by mixing various musical pieces from the show’s episodes into standalone suites of music.

Does pride really play the piano on NCIS New Orleans?

Q: Does Scott Bakula actually play piano on “NCIS: New Orleans”? A: Yes. Bakula played piano before taking on the role of Dwayne Pride. He told “CBS This Morning” in 2015 that the show then worked his piano playing into Pride’s character.

Who sang the song Boom Boom Boom?

Pat Travers Band
Jhon Lee Hooker
Boom Boom/Artists

Does pride really play the piano on NCIS: New Orleans?

Is NCIS: New Orleans canceled?

NCIS: New Orleans was the last of the NCIS spinoffs to start airing (until NCIS: Hawaii starts this fall) and is the first to get canceled. Here’s how the main cast has responded to the cancelation and to saying goodbye to the world of NCIS NOLA.

What’s wrong with Kinsey’s eye on NCIS?

Personal life. Ruah has a distinguishable birthmark in her right eye, called the nevus of Ota.

What happens to Callen’s dad?

It’s revealed that Callen’s father has died after suffering from a lung disease and was buried next to his daughter as his last request. Callen discovers his father was hunting the Comescu crime family for years and killed a couple before realizing they had a young son – Darius, so Nikita took him in.