What is the most common family name in Ireland?

Murphy, which has been Ireland’s most popular surname for more than 100 years, retains the top spot. Kelly claims the number two position, followed by Byrne and Ryan. In 2014, 767 babies were registered in Ireland with the surname Murphy, 633 were registered under Kelly, while Byrne accounted for 552 registrations.

What are good Irish last names?

The Most Popular Irish Family Names

  • Murphy. Murphy is one of the most popular Irish last names that you’ll come across and it’s particularly popular in County Cork.
  • Byrne. Photo by shutterupeire on shutterstock.com.
  • Kelly. Photo by shutterupeire on shutterstock.com.
  • O’Brien.
  • Ryan.
  • O’Sullivan.
  • O’Connor.
  • Walsh.

What are the top 10 Irish last names?

The top 10 most popular Irish surnames and where they come from

  1. Murphy. The most common Irish surname, Murphy is believed to be derived from the old Irish surname Ó Murchadha meaning ‘Son of the Sea Warrior’.
  2. Kelly. There are several theories on where Kelly came from.
  3. Byrne.
  4. Ryan.
  5. O’Brien.
  6. Walsh.
  7. O’Sullivan.
  8. O’Connor.

What is the most Irish name ever?

O’Sullivan has to be the most Irish name ever. Also known as simply Sullivan, is an Irish Gaelic clan-based most prominently in what is today County Cork and County Kerry. The name means “dark-eyed”.

Is the name Mcbride Irish or Scottish?

Irish (mainly County Donegal) and Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Brighde, from earlier Mac Giolla Bhrighde (Irish), Mac Gille Brighde (Scottish) ‘son of the servant of (Saint) Brighid’. Compare Kilbride.

What names are Celtic?

20 more Celtic female names:

  • Aisling.
  • Avalon.
  • Bridget.
  • Bronwen.
  • Deidre.
  • Doireann.
  • Enid.
  • Gwyneth.

What’s the most Irish name?

100 most Irish surnames revealed

Rank Name Irish Equivalent
1 Murphy ó Murchadha
2 Kelly ó Ceallaigh
3 O’Sullivan ó Súilleabháin
4 Walsh Breathnach

What’s a good Irish name?

These are currently the most popular baby names of Irish origin in the United States.

  • Owen.
  • Aiden.
  • Ryan.
  • Nolan.
  • Connor.
  • Declan.
  • Brayden.
  • Gael.

What are common Irish names?

Here’s a list of Irish boy names and Irish girl names commonly found in America. Aidan, Brayden, Colin, Riley, Kayla, Morgan, Megan, Kaitlyn – you’ve probably come across a newborn in the past decade with at least one of these names. What do they all have in common? These top names in the US all have Irish roots.

What are the most popular Irish surnames?

In general, Irish surnames can be broken into3 groups: Gaelic Irish, Norman and Anglo Irish. Here are some of the most popular Irish surnames and their origins! Byrne /Ó Broin: The name derives from the Irish meaning “raven” and are descendants of Bran or Branach.

What are some Irish clan names?

Some of the more important Irish clan names to achieve this power were Ó Conor in Connacht, Ó Brien in Thomond, MacCarthy in Desmond,Ó Neill of Tir Eógain in Ulster and Kavanagh in Leinster . The largely symbolic and somewhat mythological role of Ard Rí or High King tended to rotate among the leaders of the main royal clans.

What are some cool Irish last names?

From Aherne to Whelan,here is our top 100 Irish names:

  • Aherne,Ó hEachtighearna/Ó hEachthairn.
  • MacAleese,Mac Giolla Íosa.
  • Allen,Ó hAillín.
  • MacAteer,Mac an tSaoir.
  • MacAuley,Awley.
  • MacAuliffe,Mac Amhlaoibh.
  • Barry,de Barra.