What is the meaning of take a walk on the wild side?

(idiomatic) An occasion or incident involving adventurous, risky, or morally questionable behavior. noun. 1.

What does on the wild side mean?

to walk on the wild side: to take risks, to live dangerously, to speculate.

What is a wild person like?

If a person is wild, he might be unrestrained, crazy, or even enthusiastic — like someone who’s wild about cabaret music. The term “to run wild” means to grow unrestrained, undisciplined, like a wild animal or an imagination that isn’t held back by rules.

What does living on the edge mean?

DEFINITIONS1. to have a life with many dangers and risks, especially because you like to behave in an extreme and unusual way. Despite the apparent respectability, he was a man who liked to live on the edge. Synonyms and related words. To take risks.

What does take a walk mean?

Leave abruptly, walk out. For example, If she’s rude again I’m just going to take a walk, or The director would not put up with tantrums and ordered the young actress to take a walk.

Who played sax on Take a walk on the wild side?

Ronnie Ross
The baritone saxophone solo played over the fadeout of the song is performed by Ronnie Ross, who had taught David Bowie to play the saxophone during Bowie’s childhood. The backing vocals are sung by Thunderthighs, a vocal group that included Dari Lalou, Karen Friedman, and Casey Synge.

What is a wildcard person?

a determining or important person or thing whose qualities are unknown, indeterminate, or unpredictable: In a sailboat race the weather is the wild card.

What does it mean if a girl is wild?

A wild woman is neither good nor bad; she is right in the middle, playfully creating her own sense of balance. A wild woman is full of surprises and is always up to some kind of adventure. She has love for everyone, and it’s that kind of love that comes with no conditions, no expectation, and no expiry date.

What is a person with an edge?

singular noun. If someone or something has an edge, they have an advantage that makes them stronger or more likely to be successful than another thing or person. The three days Uruguay have to prepare could give them the edge over Brazil. Synonyms: advantage, lead, dominance, superiority More Synonyms of edge.

What is the meaning of all walks of life?

—used to refer to people who have many different jobs or positions in society —usually used with from People from all walks of life came to the carnival. Thousands of worshippers from every walk of life joined together in prayer. —

Whats take a hike mean?

: to go away : leave They paid Miss Beane to take a hike.