What is the famous traditional dress of Manipur?

Innaphi and Phanek are the Manipuri traditional dress for women in Manipur. All Manipuri women wore these costumes. Phanek is worn like a sarong. The Manipuri dress is woven with the hand in horizontal line designs.

What is Chin Phi Lai Phi?

Lai Phi and Chin Phi Lai Phi is a beautiful white piece of cloth bordered most intricately with yellow while Chin Phi is a blouse paired with an intricately embroidered phanek. If paired the right way, they can make you an instant hit of the day.

What is Rikutu dress?

‘Rikutu’ is a plain cloth of different colour and shade woven by the Tripuri ladies.

What is the costume of Manipur?

A traditional Manipuri costume for women includes a shawl or dupatta called Innaphi and a skirt called a Phanek, which is wrapped around the chest. Phaneks are mostly hand-woven and come either in block colours or stripes. Floral prints or bold designs are usually a miss in the traditional attire.

What is the dress of Manipuri dance?

This classical Manipuri dance features unique costumes. The women characters are dressed like a Manipuri bride, in Potloi costumes, of which the most notable is the Kumil. A Kumil is an elaborately decorated barrel shaped long skirt stiffened at the bottom and close to the top.

What is Nagaland dress?

Women belonging to the Angami tribe wear a skirt made up of blue cloth as well as white cloth. Women of Nagaland also wear another dress known as Neikhro which have a design resembling a petticoat. The uniqueness lies in the colour and pattern of these costumes. Another costume worn by the men of Nagaland is Rhikho.

What is Phanek?

Tied to the waist like a sarong, falling neatly on the ankle is the phanek, a traditional formal loin cloth worn by many women, in the north-eastern state of Manipur, especially by the Meitei tribe.

Where is Vatchi worn?

The women of the Angami tribe of Mizoram generally wear sleeveless tops which is called ‘Vatchi’. It is clubbed over a white skirt called ‘Pfemhou’ and a petticoat called ‘Neikhro’.

What is Kathakali costume?

Among the classical artforms, Kathakali has the most extensive costume, with ornate head gear, brilliantly coloured faces and face masks. The five major Veshams in Kathakali are Kathi (Knife), Pacha (Green), Thaadi (Beard), Minukku (radiant) and Kari (Black). The noble and the divine, appear in Green.

What is the costume of Kuchipudi?

Costumes. The traditional Kuchipudi was performed by all males troupe. A dancer in a male role would be in Angivastra, also known as Bagalbandi, wear a dhoti (a single pleated piece of cloth hanging down from the waist). A dancer in a female role would wear a Sari with light makeup.

What is the dress of Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is home to the Khasi, Jaintia and Garo tribes. Jainsem is the traditional costume for women and is usually made of mulberry silk, a local specialty. Over the jainsem, they wear cotton shawls called tap-moh khlieh. Garo women can be seen wearing eking — a wraparound.

What is traditional dress of Tamil Nadu?

Sari finds immense significance in the traditional clothing for women in Tamil Nadu. The popular Tamil poetry Cilappatikaram portrays females in a sari. Sari is a dress which women wear in offices, temples, parties and marriages. South Indian saris are famous across India for their intricate zari work.