What is the difference between Kubota bx25 and BX25D?

Nothing, same tractor. The 25D is just a newer model.

How much can a Kubota bx25 lift?

Kubota BX25

Tractor hitch
Rear Type I (optional)
Control position control
Rear lift (at ends) 991 lbs 449 kg
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) 661 lbs 299 kg

How much does a Kubota B2401 cost?

2020 Kubota B2401 • $11,895.

What mower deck fits a Kubota bx25?

Choose a 48”/54” deck for the BX1870 or a 54”/60” deck for the BX2370/ BX2670/BX25D.

How much does a Kubota BX25D weight?

Kubota BX25D Dimensions

Wheelbase 55.1 inches 139 cm
Height (ROPS) 87.2 inches 221 cm
Shiping weight 1587 lbs* 719 kg
2475 lbs* 1122 kg

What mower deck fits a Kubota BX25?

What does a Kubota BX25 weight?

2700 lbs
Kubota BX25 Dimensions

Length 95.5 inches* 242 cm
Width 44.5 inches 113 cm
Height (ROPS) 85.4 inches 216 cm
Shiping weight 2700 lbs 1224 kg

What is Kubota L series?

Kubota L-Series tractors are feature packed machines with a range of horsepower and high-quality construction. We think you really enjoy having one of these tractors on your property. Kubota L-Series compact tractors are designed with operator comfort in mind and include a comfortable seat and ergonomic control layout.

Where are Kubota L made?

Where Are Kubota Tractors Are Made? – Georgia. Today, more than half of all Kubota equipment sold in the United States is assembled or manufactured in Georgia. Two Georgia-based plants cover more than 600,000 square feet and employ approximately 1,200 U.S. workers.

How much does a Kubota B2301 weight?

Kubota B2301

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 61.4 inches 155 cm
Weight: 1566 lbs 710 kg
Front tire: 6-12
Rear tire: 9.5-16

How much does a Kubota bx25d weight?