What is the best synonym for dismantle?


  • break up.
  • demolish.
  • destroy.
  • disassemble.
  • raze.
  • undo.
  • wreck.
  • annihilate.

What is it called when something is taken apart?

dissect; dismantle; take apart; pull down; analyse; break down; analyze; discerp; dismember; break up; break apart; disassemble.

What’s another word for tearing down?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tear down, like: take-down, level, pull down, tear, raze, rase and dismantle.

What is an antonym for the World dismantled?

Opposite of to take apart or break down. assemble. build. construct.

What is the synonym of unravel?

untangle, disentangle, straighten out, separate out, unsnarl, unknot, unwind, untwist, undo, untie, unkink, unjumble. entangle, tangle. 2’detectives are still trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a wealthy farmer’

What is an antonym for deconstruct?

Opposite of to take apart or break down. assemble. build.

What is another word for taking part in?

What is another word for take part?

participate partake
cooperate contribute
enter assist
help get involved
join in play a part

What is the phrasal verb of take apart?

Take (something) apart = to disassemble something (transitive) This phrasal verb is used when you dismantle something into its component pieces. It is when a machine (or device etc.) is separated into different parts, sometimes in order to find out what is wrong with it.

What is a synonym for decimate?

Synonyms of ‘decimate’ A fire devastated large parts of the castle. wipe out. ravage. Drought ravaged the area. eradicate.

What is the synonym of degrade?

1 disgrace, dishonor, discredit. 2 abase, vitiate. 3 demote, depose, downgrade, lower, cashier, break.

What is the antonym and synonym for the word dismantle *?

dismantle. Antonyms: kobe, invest, drape, adorn, arrange, equip, endue. Synonyms: disrobe, divest, denude, despoil, disarm, strip.