What is standard container size?

How big is a Shipping Container? Standard ISO shipping containers are 8ft (2.43m) wide, 8.5ft (2.59m) high and come in two lengths; 20ft (6.06m) and 40ft (12.2m). Extra tall shipping containers called high-cube containers are available at 9.5ft (2.89m) high.

What is the size of 20ft container?

20 ft. Shipping Container Dimensions

Internal 20 Foot Container Dimensions
Type of Container Height Width
Internal 20 Foot Container Dimensions
Standard 20 foot Shipping Container Height 7ft. 10 in. Width 7ft. 8.5in.
High Cube 20ft. Shipping Container Height 8ft. 9in. Width 7ft. 8.5in.

What is the size of a 40 ft container?

Dimensions of the 40-foot container The dimensions of a 40-foot container are: Exterior Dimensions (in feet): 40′ long x 8′ wide x 8′ 6” high. Exterior Dimensions (in meters): 12.19m long x 2.44m wide x 2.59m high. Interior Dimensions (in feet): 39′ 6” long x 7′ 9” wide x 7′ 10” high.

What are different sizes of containers?

Types of containers and their dimensions: which is best for you

  • 20 ft dry shipping container.
  • 40 ft dry shipping container.
  • 40 ft dry high cube shipping container.
  • 45 ft dry high cube shipping container.
  • 20 ft flat rack shipping container.
  • 40 ft flat rack shipping container.
  • 20 ft open top shipping container.

What are the types of container?

11 Most Common Container Types

  • General Purpose Containers. A general purpose container is also known as a “dry container”.
  • Flat Rack Containers.
  • Open Top Containers.
  • Double Door Containers.
  • High Cube Containers.
  • Open Side Containers.
  • ISO Reefer Containers.
  • Insulated Containers.

What is suitable example container?

Flexible containers including: Bags, such as shopping bags, mail bags, sick bag. Luggage, including satchels, backpacks, and briefcases. Packets.

How many kg is a 20ft container?

Capacity of 20ft container

Measure 20ft container
Tare weight 2,300kg / 5,071.5 lbs
Payload capacity 25,000 kg / 55,126.9 lbs
Cubic capacity 33.2 m3 / 1,172 cu ft

What can you fit into a 20ft container?

As you can see, a 20ft container has a total capacity of 33 cubic metres (cbm), however in reality there is usually only around 25-28 cbm of usable space….A 20ft container can hold:

  • 50-60 fridges or.
  • 100 washing machines or.
  • 400 flat-screen TVs or.
  • 200 full-sized mattresses or.
  • 48,000 bananas.

How much does a 40 ft container cost?

40 Foot Standard Shipping Container: retails at US $4500. 40 Foot Standard High Cube Container: retails at US $5000.

What are the container types?

What is the biggest container size?

53ft Shipping
53ft Shipping Containers Our largest shipping container size, these 53 ft steel containers are considered high cube, which means they are one foot taller than standard shipping containers and six inches wider than standard shipping containers.

What are two types of containers?