What is pleat fold?

A pleat (older plait) is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. It is commonly used in clothing and upholstery to gather a wide piece of fabric to a narrower circumference. Pleats sewn into place are called tucks.

What does pleat fold mean origami?

The origami pleat fold is an easy fold that consists of both a valley fold and a mountain fold fold together to pleat the paper. If you look at the model from the top, you will see a zigzag pleat.

What is squash fold?

What is a squash fold? Basically, it is when you pry open the paper slightly, then press and flatten the paper to make the fold. Below are pictures of squash folds that for some of the origami models on this site. Squash Fold Example 1: This is an example from making a square base .

What are the different types of origami folds?

Origami folds are where things begin. For the top origami folds master the: valley fold, mountain fold, squash fold, inside reverse fold, outside reverse fold, petal fold, book fold, petal fold, sink fold, triangle fold and the pleat and crimp.

What are the uses of pleats?

Pleats are used create volume in a garment. The fabric is gathered or folded together, which creates a fuller silhouette. Pleats not only provide an aesthetic function, they are also practical, as they allow for freedom of movement and airflow within a garment.

What are pleats sewing?

Pleats are a fold or doubling of fabric that is pressed, ironed or creased into place. (Pleats that are sewn into place are called tucks). There are many varieties, but the side and box pleat are the most common, although they can be accordion, cartridge, circular, curtain, draped, fluted, Fortuny or French.

What are the different types of paper folds?

List of Paper Fold Types

  • Letter Fold (C Fold)
  • Accordion Fold (Z Fold)
  • 4-Panel Accordian Fold.
  • Single Fold (V Fold)
  • Double Parallel Fold.
  • Engineering Fold (Half Accordion)
  • Cross Fold (French Fold)
  • Baronial Fold.

What is pleated paper?

Pleated paper elements are designed to remove contaminates from hydraulic oils, lube oils, insulating oils, gear oils, quench oils, fuels, coolants, solvents and water. FilterMart has one of the largest varieties of pleated paper elements in stock ready for immediate shipment.

What is hamburger fold?

Hamburger Fold. A valley fold has sides that rise up. from the center fold. Fold a rectangular sheet of paper in. half along the long side.