What is PCH in security?

Security of entries, data, and processing are of utmost importance to Publishers Clearing House. All entries are processed in an efficient and secure environment. When mailed entries are received at Publishers Clearing House, they are dated and automatically run through an electronic scanner.

Can you trust PCH?

The real PCH The good news is that Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are legitimate – although your odds of winning the current “$5,000 A Week For Life” giveaway are about one in 6.2 billion, according to the official rules. PCH will also never phone ahead to disclose that someone has won a major prize.

Who is the owner of PCH?

Liam Casey – Founder and CEO – PCH | LinkedIn.

What are the levels of PCH?

Check out the NEW and IMPROVED PCH Rewards Program. There are four NEW Rewards Levels — Amethyst, Ruby, Yellow Diamond, and Red Diamond — for even MORE Token payouts. There are EXCLUSIVE prizes for each level and winners are announced EVERY day! VIPs and VIP Elites get a special perk — the tok…

What PCH means?


Acronym Definition
PCH Pacific Coast Highway (California)
PCH Port Charlotte (Amtrak station code; Port Charlotte, FL)
PCH Packet Clearing House
PCH Personal Contract Hire

What does PCH list stand for?

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a direct marketing company that markets merchandise and magazine subscriptions with sweepstakes and prize-based games.

Does PCH send $10 checks?

It’s a SCAM. If you are sent a check, told it’s a partial prize award, and asked to cash it and send a portion back to claim the full prize award, DON’T. The check is fake, but the SCAM is real! Publishers Clearing House does not operate this way and would NEVER ask for money to claim a prize.

Who is Todd Sloane?

Todd Sloane, who joined PCH as a Marketing Analyst in 1985, is credited with inventing the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol when he suggested to his boss that they bring a hand-held video camera along to film the winner’s reaction at the moment of surprise, instead of filming the winner in a studio later on for …

Does PCH call winners?

For those who don’t know, PCH does not email or call its big winners. If you receive an email, bulk mail letter or telephone call saying you’ve won a big prize, its a scam. All PCH prizes of $500 or greater are awarded by either certified or express letter or in person by the Prize Patrol.

How do you level up on PCH?

You can find the PCHRewards “Level Up” Wheel under “My Account”, which you can find on the top of your screen on PCH.com, PCHLotto, PCHGames, and PCHSearch&Win. If your status includes “Level Up” Wheel spins and as long as you have spins left, you can spin the PCHRewards “Level Up” Wheel here!