What is Nike iPod sensor used for?

The Nike+ iPod gives runners real-time updates about the speed and length of their workouts via a small RFID device that fits into the soles of Nike shoes, and broadcasts workout data to a small receiver plugged into an iPod Nano.

Do Apple and Nike work together?

— Today, Apple and Nike introduced Apple Watch Nike+, the latest result of a long-standing partnership. “Apple Watch is the ultimate device for a healthy life and we wanted to push it further to create the best smartwatch in the world for runners and athletes,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

How do you use Nike+?

The Nike+ sensor is used to track time, distance, pace, calories burned and other details as you run. The sensor is sold separately or as part of a package that includes one of several tracking devices. To activate the sensor, it must be placed under the insole of a Nike shoe that is compatible with Nike+.

Does Nike still make Nike+ shoes?

The Nike+ shoes and sensor have been discontinued.

When did Nike Launch Nike+?

July 13, 2006

Manufacturer Nike, Inc.
Type iPod device
Release date July 13, 2006
Connectivity Piezoelectric sensor, receiver
Website nike.com/nike-app

What is a Nike sensor?

The Nike+iPod Sports Kit contains a shoe sensor meant to go into the special pocket underneath the sock liner of Nike+ ready shoes. If you have an iPod touch and iPhone 3GS or later, you don’t need the receiver, they have that built-in. But the shoe sensor can be used in unauthorized ways with other shoes.

Why is Nike corporate with Apple?

This ‘Nike+ iPod’ business alliance aimed to launch innovative products under the slogan “Tune your run”. Steve Jobs stated that Apple had decided to work with Nike “in order to elevate together music and sport to a new level of performance”.

What is Nike Plus shoes?

Nike+ was a collaboration between Nike and Apple; the platform consisted of an iPod, a wireless chip, Nike shoes that accepted the wireless chip, an iTunes membership, and a Nike+ online community. iPods using Nike iPod require a sensor and remote.

How do you pair Nike Plus shoes?

Tap your profile image at the top of the screen. Tap “My Shoes,” then tap “+” or “Get Started” to add a shoe. Search for your shoes by name or select the brand to browse for shoes, and select your pair.

When did Nike partner with Apple?

For a partnership that started in may 2006, this has grown to become one of the best brand partnerships in terms of value. Both Apple and Nike strategically bought into their respective markets. Co-Branding as it is called. This two great brands have harnessed the benefits of co-branding better than other brands.

When did Nike Run Club come out?

Each week runners keep the streak alive they unlock the next streak icon on the Watch face. The latest Apple Watch Nike is available now at Apple locations and October 14 at nike.com. Download Nike Run Club here.

How does the Nike + iPod Sport Kit work?

With the Nike+ footwear connected to iPod nano through the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen; real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones. The kit includes an in-shoe sensor and a receiver that attaches to iPod.

Can a Nike watch be connected to an iPod?

The Nike+iPod consists of a small transmitter device attached to or embedded in a shoe, which communicates with either the Nike+ Sportband, a receiver plugged into an iPod Nano, or directly with a 2nd Generation iPod Touch (or higher), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, or a Nike+ Sportwatch.

Which is the first Nike shoe to talk to an iPod?

The new Nike+ Air Zoom Moire is the first footwear designed to talk to iPod. Nike plans to make many of its leading footwear styles Nike+ ready, connecting millions of consumers to the Nike+iPod experience.

How did Nike and Apple come up with Nike +?

Nike+ was a collaboration between Nike and Apple; the platform consisted of an iPod, a wireless chip, Nike shoes that accepted the wireless chip, an iTunes membership, and a Nike+ online community.