What is Neil Pringle going to do?

Neil, who has been on the air for almost four decades around the industry, says he is leaving radio and plans to work in video production for charities. He started at BBC Southern Counties in 1994 as a reporter and moved to the breakfast show in 2006.

Who is Danny Pike?

Danny Pike is a little boy who crashes his bike and is seriously injured. Even though she doesn’t know him personally, she attends his coming home party, and people begin to suspect that Stargirl is the anonymous gift giver who gave the kid the bike in the first place.

Who is Allison Ferns married to?

Allison is married to Paul and when they are not working they enjoy eating, drinking, socialising and going on holiday.

Who is presenting Radio Sussex now?

Stephen Cranford – Presenter – BBC Sussex | LinkedIn.

How old is Neil Pringle?

69 years (July 20, 1952)
Neil Pringle/Age

What happened to Danny’s new bike Stargirl?

He had a bike accident and broke his leg. 5. What happened to Danny’s new bike? It was put in the trash.

What happened to Danny’s new bike?

What happened to Danny’s new bike? His parents put it out at the curb, before the trash could pick it up it was gone.

What has happened to radio Sussex?

BBC Sussex is now known as BBC Radio Sussex whilst BBC Surrey is now known as BBC Radio Surrey.

How do I get radio Sussex?

You can listen to live online radio from BBC Radio Sussex for free. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on BBC Radio Sussex’s page.

Did Neil Pringle play for Australia?

Neil Pringle (born 20 July 1952) is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1970s.

Why did Stargirl go to the funeral?

3. Why do you think Stargirl attended Anna Grisdale’s grandfather’s funeral? Do you agree with Stargirl’s actions? She attended because she felt sympathy for Anna’s family – she wanted to support them in their loss.

Is Archie Stargirl’s grandfather?

Archie helped out with some of Stargirl’s homeschooling lessons and is a kind of grandfather figure to her. He also has an especially close relationship with Leo.