What is mesh ribbon wreath?

Deco mesh is a type of colorful, bendable ribbon made from a mesh-like fabric. Due to its flexibility and the wide variety of colors, deco mesh is a popular ribbon that’s an essential material in numerous crafts. Deco mesh can be used to create colorful, seasonal wreaths, for instance.

What is craft ribbon?

Craft ribbon is perfect for wrapping presents and creating decorative bows, but it can be used in many other craft projects.

What is a wired ribbon?

Wired ribbon is ribbon with pieces of wire worked into it, so that it is more rigid than plain ribbon.

What is a ribbon wire?

A ribbon cable, sometimes also called a multi-wire planar cable, is a type of electronic cabling that is characterized by its flat, flexible appearance. In many cases it resembles the sort of ribbon used in gift wrapping, which is where it gets its name.