What is gratuitous criticism?

1. Unnecessary or unwarranted; unjustified. Gratuitous criticism.

What is non gratuitous act?

Where a person lawfully does anything for another person, or delivers anything to him, not intending to do so gratuitously, and such another person enjoys the benefit thereof, the letter is bound to make compensation to the former in respect of, or to restore, the thing so done or delivered. Illustrations.

What does a gratuitous promise mean?

with intent to deceive or defraud. gratuitous promise. : a promise that is made without consideration and is usually unenforceable called also naked promise compare nudum pactum NOTE: A gratuitous promise may be enforceable under promissory estoppel. illusory promise.

How do you use the word gratuitous?

He was the victim of wholly gratuitous violence in the prison where he was detained. The violence is not gratuitous, and it is hard to watch. The problem is that the violence does seem gratuitous, ludicrous lurches at the ends of acts.

What are gratuitous promises examples?

For example, a used-car salesman may promise to throw in an AM-FM radio in order to get a customer who has just purchased a car but then had buyer’s remorse. As the salesman does not get anything for the radio, it is a gratuitous promise which need not be delivered.

What does the sound of a bruit mean?

An audible swishing sound or murmur heard by auscultation over an artery, which indicates increased turbulence often due to partial obstruction by atherosclerosis. When heard over the carotid arteries, bruits predict future cerebrovascular accidents.

Why do I have bruits on my neck?

They may be caused by heart valve abnormalities with turbulence or regurgitation of the blood flow, or they may be heard over major arteries, such as those of the neck (carotids), narrowed by ATHEROSCLEROSIS. Collins Dictionary of Medicine © Robert M. Youngson 2004, 2005

Is there such a thing as a cranial bruit?

A cranial bruit was looked for and found. In the acute early phase there is vasodilation with the classical, full, bounding pulsation and arterial bruit. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.