What is Erdington famous for?

Culture and sport. It was formerly home to the famous rock music venue, Mothers (previously the Carlton Ballroom), which from 1968 until it closed in 1971 played host to bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Who. The resident band were Erdington locals The Moody Blues and the DJ was John Peel.

When did Highcroft Hospital close?

Details: Highcroft Hospital, Birmingham

Previous location Highcroft Road, Birmingham, B23 6AX
Foundation Year 1899
Closed Yes
Closure year c2000
Records can be found at:

When did Erdington become part of Birmingham?

At the same its gardens were opened as Erdington’s first public park, Rookery Park. The house was so used until 1911 when Erdington amalgamated with Birmingham.

How many people live in Erdington Birmingham?

103,200 people
It is estimated that there are approximately 103,200 people living in Erdington constituency (ONS 2017 mid-year estimates) which is just over 9.1% of the total population of Birmingham.

Why is Sutton Coldfield a royal town?

In 1528, a charter of King Henry VIII gave the town the right to be known as “The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield” and to be governed by a warden and society. The charter was secured by Bishop John Vesey. This unreformed corporation survived until 1885, when it was replaced by a municipal borough.

When was Brookvale Village built?

Situated at the heart of Brookvale on Lower Brook Street, the Brookvale Village Hall was built in 1983 (and later extended in 1987). There was a major rebuilding project from 2012, and the space was doubled.

Is erdington a good area?

Erdington has been named as one of the ‘best places to live’ in Birmingham by several of the UK’s national estate agents and property agencies. And in a more modern context, Erdington was voted No5 on Zoopla’s ‘Top 10 Hipster Hotspots across Britain’ – in a table of 10 locations, ranked by property value growth.

Is Birmingham a town?

Birmingham is the largest city of the West Midlands conurbation—one of England’s principal industrial and commercial areas—for which it acts as an administrative, recreational, and cultural centre. The city lies approximately 110 miles (177 km) northwest of London. Birmingham, England.

What does yenton mean?

For those of you interested, the name ‘Yenton’ is derived from Eardredingtun and was the Anglo-Saxon settlement of ‘Eardred’s people’s farm’.

What is erdington postcode?

This postcode in Erdington is in the West Midlands region of England. The postcode is within the Erdington ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency of Birmingham, Erdington. This page combines information for the address Erdington, Birmingham, B24 9ZN, and the neighbourhood in which it resides.

Is erdington a deprived area?

The ward has a slightly older age profile than the city as a whole and a lower BAME population share. Erdington is mid ranking amongst the city’s 69 wards for deprivation levels and average income.

Is erdington a good place to live?