What is Bobby Davros real name?

Robert Christopher Nankeville
Robert Christopher Nankeville, known professionally as Bobby Davro (born 13 September 1958), is an English actor and comedian. He made his television debut in 1981 followed by breakthrough in Live from Her Majesty’s (1983); this was followed by appearances on the television show Copy Cats.

Where is Bobby Davro from?

Ashford, United Kingdom
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Is Bobby Davro a singer?

Bobby Davro is a Comedian, Actor, Impressionist and Singer. This led to his own prime-time Saturday night television shows ‘Bobby Davro on The Box’, ‘Bobby’s Sketch Pad’ and ‘TV Weekly’, which immediately topped the ratings for six consecutive years and made Bobby a household name throughout the country.

How old is Bobby Davro?

63 years (September 13, 1958)
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How tall is Bobby Davro?

1.72 m
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Who had the catchphrase chase me?

Duncan Norvelle
Duncan Norvelle (born 2 April 1958, Hoton, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England) is an English comedian in the variety tradition who appeared on television from the early 1980s. He was often referred to as Duncan “Chase me” Norvelle, stemming from his catchphrase “Chase me!”.

Who was Bobby Davros dad?

Bill Nankeville
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How tall is Bobby Davro in feet?

What soap was Bobby Davro in?

Vinnie Monks is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by comedian Bobby Davro. He made his first appearance on 8 October 2007.

What is Stu Francis doing now?

Although now 71, Stu continues to have a busy career. For decades he has starred in Bolton Albert Halls ‘ Christmas pantomime, and it was only because of another work commitment that he was absent from the most recent show. “I’ve been on tour with Cannon and Ball in a play called The Dressing Room,” he explained.

Who used to say ooh I could crush a grape?

Stu Francis
Catchphrases such as “Ooh I could crush a grape”, and “I could rip a tissue”, coined by Stu Francis, who presented the show in the 1980s, were heard in playgrounds across the nation. More than 450 episodes were broadcast before Crackerjack was cancelled in 1984 as bosses sought to overhaul children’s schedules.

Was Bobby davro dad in the Olympics?

Breaking the sad news in a Twitter message, Bobby paid tribute to his “hero” dad, a former Olympian who represented Great Britain in the 1948 and 1952 Games. Sharing a picture of them at a dinner, with Bill’s arm proudly flung around his son’s shoulders, Bobby wrote: “Today I lost my best friend and my hero.

When did Bobby Davro appear in Celebrity Come Dine with Me?

In the 21st century he has been a panto regular, as well as returning to the modern comedy circuit. He was in Eastenders for little over a year from August 2007, playing Vinnie Monks, and has appeared in reality TV show Celebrity Come Dine with Me and Dancing on Ice.

What kind of TV shows did Bobby Davro do?

He also made appearances on the impressions sketch show Copy Cats and hosted BBC entertainment Public Enemy Number One and, later in the 1990s, revived the quiz show Winner Takes All for Challenge TV. In the 21st century he has been a panto regular, as well as returning to the modern comedy circuit.

When did Bobby Davro and his wife break up?

Bobby found TV fame in the 1980s before starring in EastEnders, Dancing On Ice and Celebrity Come Dine With Me. His ten-year marriage to Trudi — mum of their three daughters — fell apart in 2003. He said: “I only have a relationship with my ex-wife for the sake of my kids and still can’t believe I got caught up in one her rows.”

Why was Bobby Davro kicked in car park?

TV comic and panto star Bobby Davro was attacked after being drawn into a slanging match involving his ex-wife. Bobby, 60, was battered to the ground and kicked in a restaurant car park following a business lunch. The row blew up after a local woman began abusing his ex Trudi Jameson, who had arrived to pick him up.