What is an axis lock knife?

Introduced in 1988, the Benchmade Axis Lock has been inspiring knife enthusiasts since its inception. Positioned at the rear of the blade, it extends on both sides of the knife, spanning the liners. The Axis lock then engages a ramped tang portion of the blade when it is opened.

Are axis lock knives legal in UK?

Locking folding knives, fixed blade knives and knives longer than 3inches/7.62cm are all illegal for carry in a public place without a further defence.

How strong is an axis lock?

The AXIS Lock addresses the strength question by ensuring that the lock itself will not likely be the weak link. Benchmade says that in testing the lock supported loads in excess of 200 lbs. without damage.

Why is a lock knife illegal?

A lock knife is not a folding pocket knife and therefore it is an offence to carry around such a knife regardless of the length of the blade, if you do not have good reason. A lock knife is not an offensive weapon per se, as these knives were made with a specific purpose in mind were not intended as a weapon.

Is it legal to carry an AXE?

New South Wales Own – it is legal to own a multi-tool in NSW. Carry – if you want to carry a multi-tool in public, you need to have a “reasonable excuse” for doing so and you have to prove you have a reasonable excuse.

Can I carry an AXE in my car?

LPT: Never keep a hatchet or anything in the backseat of you car as it might result in injury in an accident or sudden stop. Its good to have but you should always keep it nicely secured in the trunk or somewhere where it can fly into the back of a seat.

How long does it take to get a Benchmade knife?

A. Our knives are built to order. Orders typically take up to 24 hours to process into our system, please then allow approximately 7 days for assembly prior to shipping, and in some RARE cases, up to 6 weeks to become available.

Can a Boy Scout carry a knife?

No scout can carry any knife until they earn a Totin’ Chip, which means they have had several hours of training and hands-on experience using knives, saws and axes. Each scout has to have that chip on them at camp if they’re carrying a knife.

What size knife is legal to carry?

Types of Knives You Can Typically Legally Carry Knives that are usually legal to carry almost anywhere include multi-tool devices, Swiss Army knives, and utility knives, and knives with blades that are shorter than 2.5 inches.

Where do you find the Axis lock on a knife?

The AXIS lock has traditionally been found on Benchmade knives. Completely ambidextrous, the AXIS Lock is one of the most intuitive systems operationally, but describing the mechanism is not quite so easy. Omega springs tension the AXIS bar against notches in the blade.

What makes a Benchmade Axis lock knife safe?

The Benchmade Axis Lock is one of the strongest and safest locks available in the knife industry today. Pioneered by Bill McHenry and Jason Williams, these knives are built with a steel bar riding along the top surface of the blade and are held in place by two Omega springs hidden conveniently in the liners of the knife.

What’s the patent number for the Axis Lock?

The Axis US patent number is 5,737,841. The first Benchmade knife to feature the lock was the 710. Today, Benchmade offers 38 knife models that utilize this special mechanism.

Is the liner lock on an axis knife ambidextrous?

Operationally, the lock can be, and is in all the knives produced so far, completely ambidextrous since the locking bar extends through both side plates. While the lockback is also ambidextrous, the liner lock is not, and with few exceptions, southpaws have been left out in the cold when it comes to liner lock knives.