What is a Paso Fino saddle?

They are smooth, rhythmic, straight and synchronous from the front to the back. Because of these movements, the rider feels only a smooth, and balanced ride. The Paso Fino horse reflects its Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, grace and elegance.

Are Paso Fino horses good for beginners?

It’s important to understand that many Paso Finos are forward rides, so they’re not natural fits for beginning riders or for timid riders. Because their gait is so smooth, they’re popular among riders who have back pain or other injuries that make riding non-gaited breeds difficult or uncomfortable.

What is the difference between a Peruvian Paso and a Paso Fino?

The two breeds are different and easily distinguishable. The Peruvian is somewhat larger, deeper in the body and wider. The Paso Fino is not bred for “termino” in its stride. The Peruvian Paso has been called the “national horse” of Peru.

Why do Paso Fino horses walk like that?

This is a show gait reserved for competition. Walking, trotting, cantering or any detected break from the rapid evenly spaced sequence of steps is grounds for disqualification at any time during a fino event. The paso corto is slightly more extended, and used during trail rides.

Can a Paso Fino gallop?

Paso Finos can walk, canter, and gallop as other horses do, but their preferred way of going is their own four-beat lateral gait. The evenly spaced pattern is evident from birth and does not have to be taught to the horse, although training can refine and enhance it for the show ring.

How much does a Paso Fino horse cost?

The price of a Paso Fino horse can range from free to over $100,000, depending on the quality of horse. Some elite, international show quality Paso Finos are well over $100,000, but the average pleasure or casual show level Paso Fino horse is available for less than $8,000.

What is lifespan of Paso Fino horse?

The average life span of a Paso Fino horse is between 25 and 30 years old, like most modern horse breeds. It is important to note that some Paso Finos have been known to live up to 40 years old!

How long does a Paso Fino horse live?

between 28-and-33 years old
Paso Finos generally live to be between 28-and-33 years old. The Paso Fino was developed in Puerto Rico and Colombia before 1797. These naturally gaited horses stand about 58-inches tall and weigh about 850 pounds.

Do Paso Fino horses canter?

Paso Finos can walk and canter like other horses, but their preferred way of moving is a natural four-beat lateral gait. Rather than trotting, with its seat thumping bounce unpleasant for horse and rider, on a Paso Fino, the rider seems to glide.

Can Paso Finos canter?

Paso Finos also can execute other gaits that are natural to horses, including the flat walk and lope or canter.

How much is a Paso Fino horse worth?

Do Paso Finos canter?

What kind of horse is a Paso Fino?

Paso Finos are people-oriented and smart, and they can be trained in many different disciplines. Because Paso Finos are heavily bred for the show ring, they tend to be spirited, forward-moving, and elegant. You’ll find Paso Finos in any coat color, and horses of all colors can be registered.

What kind of problems does a Paso Fino have?

While Paso Finos tend to be fairly healthy, they are prone to degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD). This condition often affects the hind legs and can emerge later on in a horse’s life.

What kind of care do Paso Fino Horses need?

Horses who maintain a healthy weight on pasture and hay alone will still benefit from a ration balancer to ensure they get appropriate nutrition from their diets. While Paso Finos tend to be fairly healthy, they are prone to degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD).

When did Capuchino the Paso Fino horse die?

Capuchino was a legendary stallion who passed away in 2009. He was inducted into the Paso Fino Horse Association Hall of Fame in 1999, and earned the title of the Paso Fino Horse Association Horse of the Millennium. He sired thousands of offspring all over the world, many of whom became national and international champions.