What is a Holotranscobalamin test?

DESCRIPTION. Holotranscobalamin (holo-TC) is a transcobalamin-vitamin B12 complex currently being investigated as a diagnostic test (e.g., HOLO TC RIA, Axis-Shield Active-B 12) for vitamin B12 deficiency in symptomatic and at-risk populations.

What is the normal range for Holotranscobalamin?

Reference Interval

Holotranscobalamin Normal Range 23 – 100 pmol/L
Vitamin B12 normal >35 pmol/L
Vitamin B12 borderline low 23 – 35 pmol/L
Vitamin B12 deficient

What does methylmalonic acid test for?

The methylmalonic acid (MMA) test may be used to help diagnose an early or mild vitamin B12 deficiency. It may be ordered by itself but generally with a homocysteine test as a follow-up to a vitamin B12 test result that is in the lower end of the normal range.

What is active B12 Holotranscobalamin?

Vitamin B12, active (Holotranscobalamin) test helps to diagnose the cause of anemia. It also helps to determine the cause of neuropathy. It evaluates the nutritional status of an individual. It helps to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment given for Vitamin B12 deficiency.

What is Holotranscobalamin II?

Low holotranscobalamin II is the earliest serum marker for subnormal vitamin B12 (cobalamin) absorption in patients with AIDS. Am J Hematol.

How is megaloblastic anemia treated?

Megaloblastic anemia caused by a lack of folate may be treated with oral or intravenous folic acid supplements. Dietary changes also help boost folate levels. More foods to incorporate into your diet include: leafy green vegetables.

What does high Holotranscobalamin mean?

Holotranscobalamin is thought to represent the biologically active form of B12 in circulation and may be a. better marker of B12 deficiency than total B12. • Methylmalonic acid (MMA) is often considered a surrogate gold standard for assessing B12 deficiency, but may be increased in renal impairment.

What is MMA and homocysteine?

The concentration of total homocysteine (tHcy) in serum and plasma is elevated in both folate and cobalamin deficiencies, whereas methylmalonic acid (MMA) in serum, plasma, or urine is a specific marker of cobalamin function.

Does CBC show B12 deficiency?

In patients who are deficient in B12, the CBC would show anemia, which manifests as a decrease in both hemoglobin and hematocrit. In addition, the mean corpuscular volume (MCV), which measures the size of red blood cells, would be increased to a level greater than 100.

What is normal range for vitamin B12 pmol L?

Normal Results Normal values are 160 to 950 picograms per milliliter (pg/mL), or 118 to 701 picomoles per liter (pmol/L). Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Some labs use different measurements or may test different samples.

What is if in Schilling test?

The purpose of the test is to determine how well the patient is able to absorb B12 from their intestinal tract. It is named for Robert F. Schilling….

Schilling test
Purpose investigation used for patients with vitamin B12 deficiency

What are the objectives of the holotranscobalamin assay?

Objectives: The performance of holotranscobalamin (holoTC) was compared with the other markers of vitamin B12 deficiency, and the influence of age, renal function, and thyroid status was examined.

How much B12 is bound to transcobalamin?

It is this TC-bound B12 that is measures by the holotranscobalamin (holo TC) test. The significance of this quickly becomes clear if you considers that only 6-25% of the total B12 content is bound to transcobalamin and thus biologically available.

How is holotc used to measure Vitamin B-12?

Today holoTC can be analyzed by 3 methods: direct measurement of the complex between transcobalamin and vitamin B-12, measurement of vitamin B-12 attached to transcobalamin, or measurement of the amount of transcobalamin saturated with vitamin B-12.

Which is more accurate holo or serum B12 test?

Consequently, serum tests measure up to 80% of the unavailable vitamin; whereas holo TC tests give much more accurate information on the status of available B12 (4). Even when vitamin B12 deficiency has set it, many types of B12 test will still produce seemingly normal results.