What is a FSM Syrena?

The Syrena was a Polish automobile model first exhibited at the Poznań Trade Fair in 1955 and manufactured from 1957 to 1972 by the Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (FSO) in Warsaw and from 1972 to 1983 by Fabryka Samochodów Małolitrażowych (FSM) in Bielsko-Biała. In 1965 the Syrena received a larger three-cylinder engine.

What is a Syrena?

Noun. syrena f (diminutive syrenka) mermaid. siren. any mammal of the order Sirenia.

What happened to FSO cars?

1991 marked the end of FSO 125p production. Along with this, FSO’s 1,295 cc engine ended production. FSO imports to the United Kingdom were temporarily stopped.

Does Poland make cars?

The automobile industry in Poland makes up a sizeable part of the Polish economy, accounting for about 11% of Poland’s industrial production. Poland is one of the largest producer of light vehicles (passenger cars) in Central and Eastern Europe. As of 2013 Poland was the 23rd largest automaker in the world.

Where does the name Serena come from?

Serena is a feminine given name. It is derived from the Latin word serēnus, meaning “clear, tranquil, serene”. This name was borne by an obscure early saint, Saint Serena of Rome.

Is Polonez a Polish car?

The FSO Polonez is a motor vehicle that was developed in Poland in collaboration with Fiat and produced by Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych from 1978 to 2002. The Polonez was marketed in other nations and was popular in its domestic market until Poland joined the European Union in 2004.

What does an FSO do?

A foreign service officer serves to promote peace, support prosperity, and protect citizens who are traveling abroad. The foreign service officer represents the government and people of his or her home country in foreign countries and with international organizations.

What is the most popular car brand in Poland?

Toyota was the best-selling car brand in the Poland in 2020. The Japanese automobile manufacturer had sold over 61 thousand units in the Polish market that year, roughly five thousand units more than the second entry – Škoda.

Which car Polish is best?

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What is a nickname for Serena?

Some possibilities: Sara/Sera, Siri, CeCe, Rena, Nira.

Are any cars made in Poland?

Poland is most of all a producer of passenger cars. For instance, the Opel Astra III and IV, the Fiat Panda and the Fiat 500, the Lancia Ypsilon, the Ford Ka, and the Chevrolet Aveo are produced in Poland.