What is a city ticket Deutsche Bahn?

Free travel on public transport services to get you to the station where you start your train trip, and from the station where you disembark to your final destination. Automatically included in tickets (saver and flexible fares) for journeys of over 100 km.

How does the Deutsche Bahn city ticket work?

With the City-Ticket, the train journey does not finish at the station. Anyone who has booked a travel ticket that features “+City” can travel free of charge on public transport in 130 cities to get to their departure station and from the station they arrive at.

What is Bhan card?

BahnCard (German Bahn – Rail) is a discount subscription programme offered by Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German national railway company. The BahnCard is offered in a non-business and a business version called BahnCard Business.

Is the Bahn Card worth it?

It gives you 100 % reduction of the standard train ticket price, so you don’t need to pay for the ticket at all. However, this BahnCard is only worth the money if you travel long distances regularly throughout an entire year.

Can I take an earlier train Deutsche Bahn?

If you have booked a Flexpreis fare for your Deutsche Bahn ticket, you are not bound to a specific train. Instead you are allowed to take any train within the validity period of the ticket.

How far in advance can you book Deutsche Bahn tickets?

about 6 months
DB releases tickets for purchase 180 days in advance (about 6 months).

How do you use the train in Germany?

Buses, underground trains, S-Bahn trains and trams (in some cities they are called “Straßenbahn”) are part of “public transport”. To use them, you have to buy a ticket. Ticket machines may look different in every city. In many buses, drivers sell tickets directly, but only for cash.

How do I validate a bus ticket in Germany?

Tickets must be validated before the journey. This is done by going at the yellow or red boxes on the platforms to get them stamped. In buses or trams the person in charge does it manually. In case of inspection, a ticket that is not stamped is invalid and you are charged around a 40 Euro fine.

Can someone else use my Bahn card?

BahnCards are issued for a specific person, they are not transferrable. 2. For online tickets (print at home, or tickets presented in the app), the name of the person travelling – or one of the persons, if it is a ticket for several persons – has to be entered during the booking process.

How long does a BahnCard last?

Your BahnCard is automatically renewed for a year unless you cancel it in writing at least 6 weeks before it is due to expire. You can cancel your card in writing up to 6 weeks before it is due to expire. If you do not cancel your card, it automatically becomes an annual subscription.

How do I pay my bahncard?

The payment options on bahn.com guarantee that a purchase is reliable and goes smoothly. During the booking process, you can choose whether you would like to pay by credit card, PayPal, “Pay now.” or SEPA direct debit. You can find more information in advance on which payment option is right for you on this page.

Can I cancel my train ticket before 2 hours?

(iii) For cancellation of confirmed tickets less than 6 hrs be- fore the scheduled departure of the train and upto 2 hrs of the actual departure of the train, the cancellation charges will be 50% of the fare paid by you, subject to flat cancellation charges for each class.

Do you get free train tickets with a BahnCard?

If you have a BahnCard 100, it automatically includes the City-Ticket function, so you can make as many trips – free of charge – as you want within the applicable area of the towns and cities covered by the offering. Other BahnCards do not give you free travel on local transport services.

How much do you get with a BahnCard?

A BahnCard 25 or 50 will get you a discount of 25% or 50% on the ticket price. BahnCard 100 gives you total flexibility: you can travel as often as you want without needing to buy a ticket.

Can you take a flexible Deutsche Bahn ticket?

With Deutsche Bahn’s flexible ticket you can simply hop on the train and leave. Travel whenever you want on whatever train suits you. You can even interrupt your journey. Not train-specific: simply take the train that suits you best on the day of your ticket’s validity

How can I find out what Bahn Card I have?

Indicate what BahnCard you have on bahn.com’s travel information page. If you have already reached the list of train connections but have not indicated what BahnCard you have, simply click “”Change”” to open the BahnCard selection option. Our system factors in your BahnCard when calculating the ticket price.