What happened to Spandau Prison Berlin?

The prison was demolished in August 1987, largely to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine, after the death of its final remaining prisoner, Rudolf Hess.

What prison was Rudolf Hess kept in?

Spandau prison
After the war, Hess was tried at the Nuremberg (Nürnberg) war crimes trials, convicted, and given a life sentence. He served his sentence at Spandau prison in Berlin, where from 1966 he was the sole inmate.

What happened to Rudolf Hess after the war?

After the war Hess was sentenced to life imprisonment and spent the rest of his days in Berlin’s Spandau Prison. For much of his time he was its only inmate. But Foreign Office files released on Thursday show that the British supported Hess’s release more than three decades before his suicide in 1987.

Is Spandau Berlin safe?

When it comes to safety, Spandau sticks out neither negatively nor positively: with 11,398 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the district is pretty much average.

How big was the Spandau Prison in Germany?

The prison had a capacity of up to 600 inmates, but shortly after the Second World War, it would only hold seven: some of the highest ranking German Nazi government and military officials, sentenced to between 10 years and life in prison.

Who was the last person to go to Spandau Prison?

The prison was demolished following the death of the last inmate, Rudolf Hess, in 1987. imprisonment of Hess. In Rudolf Hess He served his sentence at Spandau prison in Berlin, where from 1966 he was the sole inmate. After his death in 1987, Hess was buried in Wunsiedel, Bavaria, and his grave later became a pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis.

Why was Neurath sentenced to 15 years in Spandau Prison?

Arguing that his successor in the office of foreign affairs was far more culpable, Neurath was sentenced to 15 years in Spandau prison, instead of life in prison or death, and was released in 1954 because of failing health. He died two years later. Being a very diplomatic man, he got along with all his fellow inmates better than most.

Who was the director of Spandau Prison in 1957?

By 1957, after half a decade taking up management positions back in the USA, Major Ronald Speirs took another change of direction in his career. He was assigned as US Director of Spandau Prison in Germany on 16 th July, 1957 – a move reflected in his military records by MOS number: 9121, which denotes a Prison Officer.