What Fitbit minion badges are there?

“Coming soon, all Fitbit users can enjoy new Minions-themed activity badges in the Fitbit app for various step milestones featuring three of the most beloved Minions: Stuart, Kevin and Bob,” Fitbit said at the time.

Where are the Fitbit badges?

Swipe up from the clock face on your watch to see Fitbit Today. Locate the badges tile. You may have to swipe up to find it. If you don’t see the badges tile, tap Settings at the bottom of Fitbit Today and make sure the badges tile is turned on.

What is the penguin march badge in Fitbit?

Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges List. Marathon: Awarded when you have walked 26 miles. March of Penguins: Awarded when you have walked 70 miles. London: Awarded when you walked 250 miles.

Can you walk 100000 steps in a day?

How far is 100,000 steps, and how long does it take to walk them? Details of my experience are below, but in summary, it took me almost 20 hours and carried me over 40 miles (over 66 km). The 38-year-old guy on Fitbit took an overall time of 15 hours to complete his 100,000-step day. He was in “Nike Just Do It” mode.

How do I get a Fitbit Kevin badge?

The first activates after users hit 12,345 steps in a single day. Called the ‘Stuart’ badge, it jokes that users are well on their way to “conquering the world, one step at a time.” The next badge, called ‘Kevin,’ unlocks at 22,222 steps, while the third ‘Bob’ badge requires 32,100 steps.

What are fitbit trophies?

Fitbit Badge List

  • Boat Shoe: 5,000 Steps.
  • Steakers: 10,000 Steps.
  • Urban Boot: 15,000 Steps.
  • High Tops: 20,000 Steps.
  • Classics: 25,000 Steps.
  • Trail Shoe: 30,000 Steps.
  • Hiking Boot: 35,000 Steps.
  • Cleats: 40,000 Steps.

What do floors mean on Fitbit?

Fitbit devices that count floors have an altimeter sensor that detects when you go up in elevation. Your device registers 1 floor when you climb about 10 feet or 3 meters. Fitbit devices don’t count floors on stationary exercise equipment, such as a StairMaster or treadmill, or when you go down a flight of steps.

Which Fitbits count floors?

Fitbit: Only the Fitbit Charge 3, Versa, and Ionic track floors climbed. Log in to your Fitbit account and under the activities tab you can see how many floors of stairs you climbed.

When do you get a badge on your Fitbit?

You might receive one once you’ve hit a significant number of steps, like 10,000 in a day, or if you’ve hit your weight goal. Badges are automatically awarded as your Fitbit syncs your daily activities and measures them against the milestones in different activities.

How are badges earned on a Fitbit Aria?

It’s important to note that manually logged activities do not count toward Fitbit Badges. You earn these automatically just by wearing your Fitbit day to day. The weight-based badges, however, can only be earned by automatically syncing data over from the Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria 2 smart scales.

What is the Olympic sandal Fitbit badge for?

The Olympic Sandal Fitbit badge, for walking 100,000 steps, is quite the achievement for any fitness or walking fanatic. But many might not realize this because they are not sure how many steps are in an average mile. Here is the step to mile conversion.

How can I Share my Fitbit badge on social media?

From there, on iOS devices you can share badges by posting them to Community , Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can even text them to friends, if you’d like! Just tap “Share” at the bottom of the individual badge screen to see all of your options. Any questions? Read What Should I Know About My Fitbit Badges.