What does Zenabu mean?

Secret Meaning of Zenabu. The true meaning of ‘Zenabu’ cannot be described with just a few words. Your name is your destiny, heart’s desire, and personality. Zenabu is a name that suggests you give up what you want so other people can have what they need. Like a six-sided cube, your personality is steady and balanced.

What is the meaning of Zeynep?

precious rock, precious gem
Zeynep is the Turkish form of the Arabic female given name Zaynab. Zeynep means “precious rock, precious gem” and may refer to: Zeynep Ahunbay (born 1946), Turkish scholar of antiquities. Zeynep Sibel Algan (born 1955), Turkish diplomat.

What does Liya mean in Amharic?

Liya is a Hebrew name, which is also common among Ethiopians, it means ‘I am with God.

What does Helina mean in Amharic?

Numerology. 4. Helina is ethiopian Girl name and meaning of this name is “happiness”.

What does Yildiz mean?

The name Yildiz is primarily a gender-neutral name of Turkish origin that means Star.

Is Zeynep a woman name?

Zeynep is the most common female name in the Prophet’s immediate circle as two of his consecutive wives, a daughter and a granddaughter are all named Zeynep.

What are some girl Ethiopian names?

Ethiopian Baby Names For Girls:

  • Liya: Liya is essentially a Hebrew name familiar with the Ethiopians.
  • Aida: This melodic name is associated largely with a Verdi opera about an enslaved Ethiopian princess who gives her life to save her people.
  • Nyala:
  • Zala:
  • Mazaa:
  • Kia:
  • Marjani:
  • Dani:

What is the Ethiopian word for king?

Overview. Negus is a noun derived from the Ethiopian Semitic root ngś, meaning “to reign”. The title has subsequently been used to translate the word “king” or “emperor” in Biblical and other literature.

How do you pronounce Eshe?

The name Eshe can pronounced as “EH-sheh” in text or letters. Eshe is bay girl name, main origion is Arabic.

Is Yildiz a girl name?

What does the name Ender mean?

very rare, precious
As a Turkish name, the meaning of Ender is ‘very rare, precious’. This name is quite common in Turkey.

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