What does stashed mean on Ravelry?

The stash is integrated into other features on Ravelry, meaning you can search through patterns based on what’s in your current stash. When it’s time to do spring-cleaning, it’s easy to list your undesired yarn stock as ‘for sale/trade’.

What is the meaning of Ravelry?

: noisy partying or merrymaking.

What does stashed yarn mean?

a secret store of something
My dictionary defines a stash as “a secret store of something,” and when it comes to yarn, that’s pretty accurate. They buy yarn they have no business buying, then they bring it home and put it in a place where no one will see it.

How do I make Ravelry private?

Scroll to the bottom and underneath the public notes you’ll now see a (+) circle option for Private Notes: 3. Click the (+), type in your private notes, hit Save, and you’re all set!

How does Ravelry make money?

According to the site, Ravelry makes most of its money through “yarn-related advertising.” They post the projects they complete, the patterns and yarn they use, and the real-world groups they join. They even link their accounts to personal storefronts where they sell patterns to other users.

What do Revellings mean?

to take pleasure or wallow. to revel in success. to take part in noisy festivities; make merry.

Who is the winner of the Red River Rivalry?

Golden Hat (Texas vs. Oklahoma) The winner of the annual Red River Rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma walks away with the Golden Hat as well as bragging rights. The trophy was introduced by the Texas State Fair in 1941 as a way to thank the two schools for playing their rivalry game in Dallas during the fair.

How did the Paniolo Trophy get its name?

Hawaii and Wyoming play for the Paniolo Trophy when these to Mountain West rivals clash. The trophy gets its name from the Hawaiian word for cowboy and has been contested since 1978 when these two schools first met. 31. Ram-Falcon Trophy (Colorado State vs. Air Force)

When was the commander in chief trophy created?

The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy is awarded to the winner of the three-way rivalry between Army, Navy, and Air Force. The trophy was introduced in 1972 when Air Force began playing Army and Navy on an annual basis and is one of only a handful of three-way trophies. 14. Stanford Axe (Stanford vs. Cal)

Which is the Oldest Rivalry trophy in the NCAA?

The Territorial Cup is awarded annually to the winner of the Arizona-Arizona State game. These two instate rivals have been fighting for the Territorial Cup since 1899 making it the oldest rivalry trophy in the NCAA. 10. Platypus Trophy (Oregon vs. Oregon State)