What does Shelby CSX mean?

The Shelby CSX (Carroll Shelby eXperimental) was a limited-production high performance automobile based on the turbocharged intercooled Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance. These cars were offered by Shelby Automobiles Inc.

How many Shelby CSX were made?

Just 500 examples were built, including one for Shelby himself. “That little CSX we built is still as fast as a Mustang in the slalom. We took that little 2.2-liter and could get 500 horsepower on the dyno with the four-valve head and all kinds of stuff.

Who made the Dodge Shelby?

Chrysler Corporation Shelby

Shelby Dakota
Manufacturer Chrysler Corporation Shelby
Production 1989
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size pickup truck

What is a CSX Cobra?

CSX 4600 is modeled on a 1965 427 S/C Cobra. “S/C” stood for “semi competition,” and denoted a handful of big-block Cobras that were originally built as race cars, but then converted for street use after Shelby failed to get the 427 Cobra homologated for the 1965 racing season.

Did Chrysler make a Shelby?

In its first year, Chrysler sold over 8,000 of them. And while this is a drop in the bucket compared to the 121,000 Mustangs that Ford sold in the same year, it still showed that some U.S. buyers wanted a hot hatch. Sadly, the Shelby Charger story was cut short because Chrysler decided to stop production in 1987.

What is a Shelby continuation car?

The Shelby Cobra is perhaps the World’s most iconic and thus copied car. Less than 1000 original Ford AC Cobras were built by Carroll Shelby. They are simply new Shelby Cobras built as a continuation of the original series of cars. In other words, these are new Shelby Cobras.

What did Shelby do at Dodge?

Although Shelby’s Ford products packed big, high-powered engines under the hood, his tuned Mopars tended to be sport compacts with the tagline “powered by Dodge, unleashed by Shelby.” The first of which was the Dodge Shelby Charger but the most popular is probably the Dodge Omni GLH, and you can find an example of each …

Was there a Shelby Charger?

The Shelby Charger was a modified 1980s Dodge Charger. Carroll Shelby had tuned the Dodge Omni-based Charger for Dodge from 19831⁄2 to 1987, with the resulting car sold as the Dodge Shelby Charger.

Did Shelby ever work for Dodge?

Shelby produced those cars through 1968, then subsequent cars with the Shelby GT brand were produced in-house by Ford. After parting with Ford, Shelby moved on to help develop performance cars with divisions of the two other Big 3 American companies: Dodge, and Oldsmobile.

Does Shelby American still make Cobras?

The Shelby American name has been used by several legally distinct corporations founded by Shelby since his original shop in Venice, California began operation in 1962. The current iteration is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International, Inc….Cobras.

289 Cobras Totals 1962-65
Total 289 Cobras 580

Who built Shelby AC Cobra?

AC Cobra
Manufacturer AC Cars Shelby American
Also called AC Shelby Cobra Shelby AC Cobra Shelby Cobra AC 289 Sports
Production 1962–1967: Leaf-spring 655 Coil-spring 343
Assembly Thames Ditton, Surrey, England Los Angeles, California, US

Why is the Shelby logo a snake?

By 1963, Pete Brock, Shelby’s first paid employee, was heavily involved in designing the corporate image of Shelby American. His brief was simple: design a round badge with a snake on it that says Cobra, and it must be the same size as the original AC badge so it could use the same holes as the AC badge it replaced.

What kind of car was the 1987 Shelby CSX?

In 1987 context, the CSX was a performance car for people on a budget. Thrifty got wind of the offering and liked the concept, so they hired Shelby to create the CSX-T (Thrifty) in 1988. Less powerful, the Thrifty cars used a Turbo I engine for 142 horsepower.

Is the Shelby CSX-T A Turbo I engine?

The CSX-T was mechanically similar to the 1987 CSX, except the non- intercooled Turbo I engine was used. Two variations were made, an intercooled version given to the president of Thrifty and a version with a factory sunroof given to the president’s daughter.

How many Shelby CSX’s are there in the world?

The 89 Shelby CSX production figures can be broken down into the following: 15 were equipped as ‘two option’, coming factory with 225 wide tire option as well as RECARO bucket seats; 2 were used as prototypes; 2 were equipped with non-RECARO and wide optioned tires.

What kind of cars did Carroll Shelby make?

Production was limited to 500 vehicles (including two prototypes) and with the completion of cars, Carroll Shelby’s direct involvement with Dodge was complete (although he continued to work on projects with Chrysler, often taking advisory roles, which included the development of the Dodge Viper and Viper GTS ).