What does rank mean in BBO?

They’re award symbols and are modelled on bridge cards, ranging from 2 to Ace. Every time you play and do well in a BBO premium game, you win BBO Points, which count towards your ranking. Think of these as rungs on a ladder – the more you play, the more you level up!

Where is my BBO on BBO?

You can find your list of friends (and list of usernames you are ignoring) by starting with the My BBO button. This is found on the top horizontal row of buttons.

What does a star mean on BBO?

Stars mean that the players have achieved significant success at a national or international level.

What are Masterpoints in BBO?

Players who do well in any pay tournament in BBO will earn BBO Points. In addition, National Bridge Organizations like ACBL, EBU, TBF, AEB, may also award their own points to good performers in their specific pay tournaments.

Can you slow down Bridge Base Online?

There’s no way to slow that down. If you want to see how it played the hand, you have to review the hand afterward in the My Hands list (I know, this isn’t available in solitaire bridge). You could also play in robot tourneys, where you always declare if your robot partner wins the auction.

What has happened to BBO?

Bridge Base Online. This version of the BBO software is obsolete. Adobe’s Flash plugin (the technology that this older BBO version relies on) will be phased out by the end of 2020.

What does 2+ mean on BBO?

What does this mean? The number shows the number of master points that you have won on BBO. The number represents various groups of points. An 8 shows 300+ points. If it was a 2 it likely indicates 1+ master points.

What is the difference between BBO points and ACBL points?

All the points you win on BBO by playing in those games requiring an entry fee count towards raising the number on your profile. But only the points you win in our ACBL sanctioned tournaments are reported to the ACBL.

How many ACBL masterpoints do I have?

To see your current masterpoint balance, go to the MyACBL portal. For a detailed statement, check your Masterpoint History. How do I view my game results? NABCs, Regional and Sectional tournaments publish their results in ACBL LIVE.

How do you slow down a play in bridge base?

It’s easy to slow them down and when you do they will play much better! Click on the little GIB box at the bottom of the window; click play settings; move the “playing speed” slider towards the left; click OK. This will affect all the GIBs so that both partner and opponents take their time and play more skillfully.

Who owns BBO bridge?

The ownership of BBO expanded in the summer of 2007 to include bridge enthusiasts Bill Gates, David Smith and Sharon Osberg. But in addition to our behind the scenes people, players from all over the world gather on BBO 24 hours a day to play with each other, regardless of language barriers.

What is the best online bridge site?

BridgeBaseOnline is the most popular of all online sites. Here you can play Bridge any time of the day or night, competing with and against thousands of players around the world.

How many levels of skill are there in BBO?

One of the fascinating things about BBO is the self-assignment of skill level. There are six levels to choose from plus “private”. These are World Class, Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, Novice.

Is there a way to check your BBO rating?

Now you can check your BBO level / Perfomance and your BBO rating in BBO Skill, not an official part of BBO. BBO Skill is a System that collects and stores your BBO data. BBO Skill ‘s database, stores every hand you play, making their database bigger and more accurate.

How many levels of bridge are there in BBO?

There are six levels to choose from plus “private”. These are World Class, Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, Novice. Probably the two most abused are expert and advanced. I’ve never seen anyone who judges themselves to be World Class to be incorrectly described (perhaps BBO monitors this level, I don’t know).