What does Plato represent in Rebel Without a Cause?

Originally titled The Blind Run, inspired by a subterranean juvenile delinquent subculture automobile racing/chicken scene that existed literally underground, in a tunnel on Mulholland Drive, Rebel Without a Cause uses Plato’s allegory to frame the transit from darkness to light, from one delinquent/arrested …

Who brings the gun to the mansion rebel without a cause?

Jim and Judy hide out in the deserted mansion that Plato had told Jim about. After a warning from the gang, Plato takes his mother’s gun and rushes to the mansion to protect Jim. The three act as a family and find a few moments of peace.

Was Plato in love with Jim in Rebel Without a Cause?

Plato is obviously gay, although it’s easier to say this in 2014 than it was in 1955. Warner in the spring of 1955, during the filming of Rebel Without a Cause, reminding the Warner Bros. honcho that “it is of course vital that there be no inference of a questionable or homosexual relationship between Plato and Jim.”

What is Jim rebelling against in Rebel Without a Cause?

In Rebel Without a Cause, Jim Stark is rebelling against his parents because he is upset with the fact that his father will not stand up to his mother. His girlfriend, Judy, is also rebelling against her parents, but for a different reason.

Why did Plato shoot the puppies?

But, later, Jim is considered as a surrogate father by Plato. It may be he was sexually abused by his father, and he considers the killing of the puppies an act of mercy to spare them the pain of growing up.

How long is Rebel Without a Cause?

1h 51m
Rebel Without a Cause/Running time

Who dies in the end of Rebel Without a Cause?

While the film’s three other leads died tragically—Natalie Wood drowned, Sal Mineo was stabbed to death, and Dean crashed his Porsche Spyder just days before the film’s premiere—Allen passed away of natural causes.

What social class are the characters in Rebel Without a Cause?

Rebel Without a Cause is a movie that was released during 1955, that followed the character Jim Stark and overcoming social issues that come along in the film. The character lives in a suburban middle class neighborhood with his parents and grandmother.

Who was the black lady in Rebel Without a Cause?

Beverly Long Dead: ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ Actress at 81 – The Hollywood Reporter.

Is James Dean dead?

Cholame, California, United States
James Dean/Place of death

What is Jim rebelling against?

Jim is starting at a new school because his parents “think I can make friends if we move.” His rebellious actions are motivated by his disgust with his parents: observing the demasculation of his father by his overbearing mom, Jim will defend himself against the taunt of chicken — an insinuation of weakness and …

How long is rebel without a cause?

Why did Plato and Jim band together in Rebel Without a cause?

Upon meeting Jim, Plato—a friendless misfit—immediately looks up to him as a father figure. The three teens band together because they share in the same feeling of alienation from their families, and in the tragedy that strikes during Jim’s initiation into the gang. Jim expresses his need to come clean to the police.

What kind of gun was used in Rebel Without a cause?

The following weapons were used in the film Rebel Without a Cause: WARNING! THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS! Plato ( Sal Mineo) takes a nickel-plated Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer with pearl grips from his mother’s bed. He uses it in the abandoned house.

How old is John in Rebel Without a cause?

While Jim tries to deal with Buzz, he becomes friends with a shy 15-year-old boy, John, who is nicknamed Plato (Sal Mineo), who was also at the police station the night of the opening scene for shooting and killing puppies. Plato idolizes Jim as a father-figure much to Jim’s concern.

Who is the father figure in Rebel Without a cause?

(Stern 59-60); to Plato’s way of thinking, Jim is his father figure although they have only known each other briefly; Judy explains to Jim that she must treat him one way in front of the kids and another way when they are alone; Jim explains to the juvenile officer how his parents handle his transgressions: