What does LIN 12 do?

LIN-12/Notch signaling plays two independent roles during M lineage development: dorsoventral (D/V) patterning and sex muscle specification. LAG-1 is the sole CSL (CBF1/RBP-Jκ/Suppressor of Hairless/LAG-1) transcription factor mediating LIN-12/Notch signaling in C. elegans (Christensen et al., 1996).

Which c elegans protein is the homolog of Notch?

In C. elegans, lin-12 encodes one of the two homologs of Notch receptor (Greenwald et al., 1983; Greenwald, 1985; Wharton et al., 1985). Extensive literature showed that lin-12 is required for at least two cell fate decisions: the AC/VU decision and the vulval precursor cell (VPC) specification (Greenwald, 2005).

What is the role of Lin 12 in C.elegans?

Studies in C. elegans have been instrumental in defining the basic features of the LIN-12 /Notch pathway, the role of LIN-12 /Notch proteins as receptors for intercellular signals, the mechanism of signal transduction, and the regulation of LIN-12 /Notch signaling during cell fate decisions.

What is the intracellular domain of LIN-12 Notch?

The intracellular domain of LIN-12 /Notch proteins contains repeated “CDC10/Ankyrin” motifs, and a canonical PEST protein turnover motif. Figure 1. Schematic representation of C. elegans LIN-12/Notch and DSL proteins.

How are lin-12 and GLP-1 genes redundant?

Double mutants lacking both lin-12 and glp-1 activity revealed that the two genes are functionally redundant in some cell fate decisions (Lambie and Kimble, 1991). The distinctive phenotype of the lin-12 glp-1 double is called Lag, for “Lin-12 and Glp-1”.

How does the LIN-12 / Notch family mediate cell development?

Receptors of the LIN-12 /Notch family mediate cell-cell interactions during animal development, and aberrations in LIN-12 /Notch signaling have been implicated in human disease.