What does it mean when your guinea pig is skinny?

A health guinea pig can seem a little skinny, but that might just be her normal weight. Weight loss in guinea pigs isn’t always bad as long as it’s no more than an ounce. Guinea pig owners should take their piggies to the vet if they notice that they’ve lost 2 or more ounces in a week.

What are skinny pigs called?

guinea pig
The Skinny pig or skinny is an almost hairless breed of guinea pig. Skinny pigs typically have hair on their muzzles, feet, and legs, but are hairless over the remainder of their bodies….Skinny pig.

Coat Hairless
Lifespan 5–7 years
Fur type Mostly hairless
Guinea pig

What do skinny guinea pigs eat?

Diet. Just like all other guinea pigs, skinny pigs need a healthy, balanced diet consisting of hay, pellets, fresh vegetables and fruit. And because all guinea pig breeds can’t make their own vitamin C, you need to ensure they’re getting enough of this essential vitamin from their pellets, veggies and supplements.

Are skinny guinea pigs friendly?

Skinny pigs are just as social and friendly as other guinea pigs. They love being around other guinea pigs as well as being with people. Because of this sociability, it is recommended to have more than one skinny pig giving them company and social stimulation. You can also keep them with regular guinea pigs.

What do you do with an underweight guinea pig?

For malnourished, sick, or underweight guinea pigs, you can temporarily offer alfalfa-based, instead of timothy hay-based, pellets. Both KMS and Oxbow have alfalfa-based versions used for younger animals. It can be helpful to add water and create a mush to encourage pigs with a poor appetite to eat.

Do Skinny Pigs smell?

But a common question, especially from those who are first thinking about getting guinea pigs as pets, is “do guinea pigs smell”? Now we think it’s fair to say that guinea pigs are generally very clean animals (we’re not biased, honest!) and as long as they are cleaned out regularly, then no, they don’t smell!

What Cage do Skinny Pigs need?

The minimum size cage for one guinea pig, according to the RSPCA is 7.5 ft squared ( 27 inches x 41 inches), but the preferred size should be 10.5 ft squared (27 inches x 56 inches). Remember though, cavies are social animals and need companionship, so we recommend always having two or more in a cage.

How do I keep my skinny pig warm?

Use a heated pad. One good way to keep your guinea pig warm is to supply him with an electric heated pad. Don’t use a heating pad designed for humans, as they are unsafe for pets. Instead, try a Small Animal Heated Pad, which is designed especially for use with small animals, including guinea pigs.

Do skinny pigs like to cuddle?

Guinea pigs love to cuddle. However, keep in mind that it depends on their personality and that not all guinea pigs like to cuddle as much as others. Some animals may be more cuddly than others and if you want your guinea pig to be as affectionate as possible you need to handle it carefully.

Do skinny pigs smell?

Do skinny pigs need lotion?

your Guinea Pig shouldn’t need any lotion on its skin. He should produce enough on oils on its own to moisturize his body. However, just like with people, sometimes things things a hairless might have dry skin.

How do you care for a skinny pig?

Caring for a skinny pig. Skinny pig care is fairly simple but these pigs do have some particular health concerns. Because their skin is exposed, you’ll need to apply sunblock to your pig if he’ll be spending a long time in direct sunlight. Skinny pigs also often develop dry skin, but you can apply unscented baby lotion to the affected areas.

What do skinny pigs eat?

Skinny pigs main diet is grass. Their favorite is timothy hay, alfalfa, romaine lettuce, carrot, apples and oranges.

What is a Baldwin guinea pig?

Baldwin guinea pig. The Baldwin guinea pig is a breed developed from a spontaneous genetic mutation in Carol Miller’s show-line of white crested golden agouti. Though born fully furred, Baldwin guinea pigs begin to lose their fur at two to five days of age, starting at the nose and leaving them almost entirely hairless by about two months of age.