What does BMC stand for in BMC Remedy?

The company was founded in Houston, Texas, by former Shell Oil employees Scott Boulette, John J. Moores, and Dan Cloer, whose surname initials were adopted as the company name BMC Software.

Is BMC Remedy still used?

Mountain View, California, U.S. Remedy Corporation was a software company that produced the Action Request System and various applications therein. It is one of the biggest and oldest names in ITSM software. Remedy is now the Service Management Business Unit of BMC Software.

Is BMC Remedy a CRM?

Remedy Corporation, traditionally known for help desk software, extended its application suites to include CRM. This follows the acquisition and integration of relevant technology from Baystone and Pipestream.

How does BMC Remedy work?

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting connects to your data through a Source Connection which is set up by an Administrator. From here, Advanced Users design and create Views which are meta-data layers used to specify relationships in the database and field availability.

Is BMC Remedy cloud based?

Remedy Corp. was acquired by BMC in 2002 and now has grown into a workflow automation platform. BMC’s ITSM components are available as both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

What is BMC mean?


Acronym Definition
BMC Bone Mineral Content
BMC Business Model Canvas (business development)
BMC Baseboard Management Controller
BMC British Motor Corporation

Who uses BMC Remedy?

Companies using BMC Remedy ITSM Suite for IT Service Management include: Edison Italy SpA, a Italy based Oil, Gas and Chemicals organisation with 5372 employees and revenues of $10.50 billions, O2 (Telefónica UK), a United Kingdom based Communications organisation with 21580 employees and revenues of $7.71 billions.

Is BMC part of Salesforce?

BMC Helix Remedyforce is comprehensive IT service management that easily scales and adapts to the needs of mid-size companies. Built on Salesforce cloud, it allows you to seamlessly combine IT operations management (ITOM) and cognitive capabilities to ensure the business is efficient, compliant, and secure.

What is the difference between BMC helix and BMC Remedy?

BMC Helix ITSM or Next Gen Remedy: You may have seen it previously called “BMC Remedy”, but as it has been updated to work within the Helix technology, it now can be hosted on the cloud. The UX for BMC Remedy is user-centric, so the technology revolves around roles, not modules.

What is remedy Helix?

Helix Remedy is a powerful, industry leading service management platform and fueling your IT transformation with intelligent, people-centric user experiences that helps you work smarter. Helix Remedy is delivered in the cloud for unprecedented choice along with hybrid or on-premise options.

Is remedy the same as ServiceNow?

BMC Remedy operates on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model that uses third-party cloud vendors to deliver services. ServiceNow operates mostly on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, allowing for a framework you can build on or customize applications from directly from the cloud.

What is ITSM tool?

ITSM tools are software solutions that help organisations manage the provision of IT services, either to internal users or — for IT service providers — external customers. Since modern IT services are often tremendously complex, modern ITSM tools provide over 600 unique functionality points to support them.

Which is the best application in BMC Remedy?

BMC Remedy’s ITSM suite contains four applications that are touted as the industry’s best and leaders. These four applications are BMC Remedy Service Desk, BMC Remedy Asset Management, BMC Service Level Management, and BMC Remedy Change Management.

What does BMC Remedy asset management solutions do?

BMC Remedy Asset Management solutions meanwhile helps users improve the quality of service and maintain compliance while lowering IT costs from acquisition to asset disposal.

What are the benefits of BMC Remedy 9?

This powerful and innovative tool can definitely revolutionize the digital workplace. The main benefits of BMC Remedy 9 are its mobile support, stunning and intuitive reports, built-in ITIL processes, and drag-drop functionality. Users who decide to use the BMC Remedy 9 platform can expect multiple benefits.

What do you need to know about BMC change management?

BMC Change Management provides a system of planning, scheduling, implementing, and tracking changes that need to be completed within your organization. BMC Change Management is closely aligned with standard ITIL service management processes.