What does a whole slew of something mean?

Of all the many nouns referring to a large group of things, one of the most fun is slew, as in “I saw a whole slew of birds in the tree by the river.” The noun slew, for instance, is from the Irish Gaelic sluagh, meaning “multitude.” As an unrelated verb, it’s the past tense of slay.

How do you use the word Slew in a sentence?

Slew sentence example

  1. He’s got a float and a slew of balloons!
  2. That was back when there were a slew of hippies here.
  3. Seized by the invaders, castle and town were later retaken in 1231 by Prince Llewelyn ap Iorwerth, who burned the fortress and slew its garrison.

Is it slough or Slew?

Slough may also mean a swamp. The word slough is derived from the Old English word sloh which means a muddy place. First, slew is the past tense of the word slay which means to kill. Slew may also mean to slide or turn in an uncontrollable manner.

How much is a whole slew?

The definition of a slew is a large quantity of something. When you have 200 pairs of shoes, this is an example of a situation where you have a slew of shoes. A large amount or number; a lot.

What do slew means?

1 : to turn (something, such as a telescope or a ship’s spar) about a fixed point that is usually the axis. 2 : to cause to skid : veer slew a car around a turn. intransitive verb. 1 : to turn, twist, or swing about : pivot. 2 : skid.

What is slew of?

A very large number or amount of something; a lot of something. We’ve been coming up against a slew of legal issues getting our new subsidiary set up overseas.

What does a slew of people mean?

: a large number of people or things. slew. verb.

What is Eschar in a wound?

Overview. Eschar, pronounced es-CAR, is dead tissue that sheds or falls off from the skin. It’s commonly seen with pressure ulcer wounds (bedsores). Eschar is typically tan, brown, or black, and may be crusty. Wounds are classified into stages based on how deep they are and how much skin tissue is affected.

What is Slee?

Noun. slee f (plural sleeën, diminutive sleetje n ) sled, sleigh, wheelless vehicle which glides on land or ice.

What is the definition of slew for kids?

noun. definition: (informal) a great number or large amount. a whole slew of applicants similar words: mountain, myriad.

What is the difference between smote and slew?

As verbs the difference between smote and slew is that smote is (smite) while slew is (nautical) to rotate or turn something about its axis or slew can be (slay).

What is the base form of Slew?

The past tense of slew is slewed. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of slew is slews. The present participle of slew is slewing. The past participle of slew is slewed.