What do you need to know about UCSF logos?

Logos are an impactful way to show affiliation with UCSF. To ensure consistent usage across the master brand enterprise and all associated entities and sub-brands, please use the UCSF logo in accordance with these standards. All materials with the official logo must be compliant with the brand standards.

Is the UCSF Medical Center still a brand?

UCSF Medical Center was a category/umbrella brand for our adult clinical services that did not exclusively pertain to cancer or neurosciences. It will now be represented by the UCSF Health logo. UCSF Medical Center will refer to specific buildings on the UCSF Health campuses only, and will no longer have a logo associated with it.

Which is the best hospital to go to at UCSF?

UCSF Medical Center is ranked among the top hospitals in the nation and includes adult inpatient and outpatient clinical care provided at our three medical center locations: UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights, and UCSF Medical Centers at Mission Bay and Mount Zion.

How is the UC Santa Cruz logo used?

The UC Santa Cruz logotype is essential to include on all materials coming from the university. The logotype is distinctive in its character and thus quickly helps to identify our campus and should never be redrawn, altered, or distorted. The UC Santa Cruz logo can be used in three colors:

CMT used this logo from 1991 to 2004. The first version of the logo consisted of a red “C”, a yellow “M”, and a blue “T”, all in black squares, similar to a child’s alphabet blocks, and was seen in various color schemes in Station IDs. In 1997, a “GENUINE” stamp was added to the logo.

What is the mascot for UC Santa Cruz?

The official mascot for UC Santa Cruz is a banana slug named Sammy. When writing about Banana Slugs for external audiences always ensure the word ‘Banana’ is included—it is what makes us distinctive and conjures a image that is very different than a simple slug.