What country is Istomin from?

Denis Istomin/Nationality

How old is Istomin?

35 years (September 7, 1986)
Denis Istomin/Age

How tall is Denis Istomin?

1.88 m
Denis Istomin/Height

What rank is Istomin?


PhilippKohlschreiber Rank 107 DenisIstomin 225 Rank
Q1 Round 75 63

How many languages does Roger Federer speak?

Roger Federer/Languages
“Number one, I think talking in different languages is always an interesting thing,” said Federer,” whose first language is Swiss German, although he’s also fluent in German, French and English. In addition he speaks a little Italian, Spanish and Swedish and – courtesy of his mother from Johannesburg – some Afrikaans.

Where is Uzbekistan located?

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, with a total area of 447 400 km2. It is bordered in the west by Kazakhstan, in the northeast by the Aral Sea, in the north by Kazakhstan, in the east by Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and in the south by Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

How tall is Roger Federer in feet?

1.85 m
Roger Federer/Height

How tall is Roger Federer?

What rank is Federer?

Roger Federer

Career record 1251–275 (82.0%)
Career titles 103 (2nd in the Open Era)
Highest ranking No. 1 (2 February 2004)
Current ranking No. 14 (1 November 2021)

Does Federer know Italian?

20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer, knows a lot of languages. Being a Swiss citizen, his native language is Swiss German. Federer’s ability to learn more is what separates him from the others. Fans have even watched him speaking in Italian and Mandarin at the Italian Open and Shanghai Masters respectively.

Can Federer speak Afrikaans?

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer wants to learn the West Germanic language spoken in South Africa. Ironically, Federer, who is multilingual does not speak Afrikaans in spite of his mother being a native.

Is Uzbekistan an Arab country?

Uzbekistan is more than 80 percent Muslim. The majority of the country’s Muslims are Sunni and regard themselves as followers of the Hannafi branch of Sunnism. In the Stalin era, Muslim clerics suffered persecution, as did Christian clerics throughout the Soviet Union, because they opposed the Soviet regime.

Who are the parents of Denis Istomin tennis player?

In January 2017, he defeated defending champion Novak Djokovic in the second round of the Australian Open. Denis Istomin was born in Orenburg to Russian parents Oleg and Klaudiya Istomin. His father moved the family to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, when Denis was 3 months old.

Where does the last name Istomin come from?

For the ice hockey player, see Denis Istomin (ice hockey). In this Eastern Slavic naming convention, the patronymic is Olegovich and the family name is Istomin. Last updated on: 25 May 2021. Denis Olegovich Istomin (born 7 September 1986) is an Uzbek professional tennis player.

Where did Denis Istomin rank in the ATP?

Istomin started the year at number 40 in the ATP rankings, but had a poor run in the Australian swing, starting the year with a second round exit in Brisbane and then losing first round matches in the next two weeks in Sydney and then in the Australian Open .

How many singles titles has Denis Istomin won?

He has won two singles titles (at the 2015 Aegon Open Nottingham and 2017 Chengdu Open) and achieved a career-high singles ranking of world No. 33 in August 2012. In January 2017, he defeated defending champion Novak Djokovic in the second round of the Australian Open.