What brands are under the Acushnet Company?

Acushnet Holdings Corp. is the high-performance golf products company driven by two of the most revered brands in the sport – Titleist and FootJoy – and also counts Vokey Design, Scotty Cameron, Pinnacle, KJUS, Links & Kings and PG Golf under its umbrella.

Does Acushnet own FootJoy?

FootJoy is a golf clothing company based in Massachusetts and founded in 1857. Footjoy was acquired by the Acushnet Company in 1985 from General Mills. Currently, FootJoy is the number one seller of golf shoes and gloves in the United States.

Who is the CEO of Titleist?

David Maher
David Maher, President & Chief Executive Officer He started as a Sales Support Representative and worked his way through Field Sales and Sales Management for Titleist.

Who owns Titleist golf?

Acushnet Company

Product type Golf equipment (balls, clubs, etc.)
Owner Acushnet Company
Produced by Acushnet
Country United States
Introduced 1932

Who owns Scotty Cameron?

Scotty Cameron is an American sports equipment brand established by Don T. “Scotty” Cameron (born 8 November 1962), a golf club manufacturer primarily known for making putters. Scotty Cameron is part of the Acushnet Company brand portfolio since 2011, when the corporation acquired it from Fortune Brands.

Who makes the Kirkland golf ball?

Nassau Golf
In 2016, Costco started selling golf balls under its own Kirkland Signature brand logo for $29.99 for two dozen. It turns out that the balls are manufactured by Nassau Golf out of South Korea, the same company that makes TaylorMade golf balls.

Who is the CEO of Acushnet?

Wally Uihlein (May 2000–)
Acushnet Company/CEO

Who is Peter Uihlein dad?

Wally Uihlein
Peter Uihlein/Fathers
Uihlein was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts to Wally and Tina Uihlein, and grew up in Mattapoisett. Wally Uihlein is the retired chairman and chief executive officer of the Acushnet Company, a golf equipment manufacturer which comprises Titleist and other brands.

Does Fila Korea own Acushnet?

After its IPO in 2010, FILA Korea has participated in the acquisition of Acushnet Holdings Corporation, owner of global top golf brands such as Titleist and FootJoy etc., and became the majority shareholder of the company in 2016.

Who does Acushnet own?

Fila Korea
American BrandsAcushnet Holdings
Acushnet Company/Parent organizations

Who owns Odyssey golf?

Callaway acquired Odyssey Sports Inc. in 1997, giving it a leading manufacturer of the most frequently used golf club. As of 2012, according to Odyssey, for “the last ten years, more pros across the six major golf Tours have trusted Odyssey to put them in the position to win.”

Is Kirkland putter Scotty Cameron?

The KS1 Kirkland putter is a blade putter in design with a neck shaft and colour scheme that makes it very similar to Scotty Cameron’s Newport range. The KS1 is 100% milled through computer numerical control, is made from 303 stainless steel, and also features a 303 steel insert.

What kind of company is the Acushnet Company?

In 1910, the Acushnet Process Company (now the Acushnet Company), was founded in the town, and continues to be one of Southeastern Massachusetts’s most enduring industries. The Acushnet Company owns the Titleist brand name, under which golf balls, golf clubs, and other golf paraphernalia are marketed.

When was the town of Acushnet first settled?

Acushnet was first settled in 1659. It has been included as a part of three separate towns throughout its history. It was formerly the northeastern section of the town of Dartmouth, which included the towns of Westport, New Bedford, and Fairhaven. In 1787, New Bedford separated from Dartmouth, and included the lands of Fairhaven and Acushnet.

Who are the people of Acushnet, MA?

Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.79% of the population. Acushnet’s population is 32% of Portuguese ancestry, 15% of French Ancestry, 12% of French Canadian ancestry and 10% of English ancestry.

When did Acushnet become part of New Bedford?

In 1787, New Bedford separated from Dartmouth, and included the lands of Fairhaven and Acushnet. In 1812, Fairhaven was incorporated as a separate town, again including the lands of Acushnet. Finally, the town was officially incorporated in 1860.