What area has the zip code 77070?

Zip code 77070 is primarily located in Harris County. The official US Postal Service name for 77070 is HOUSTON, Texas. Portions of zip code 77070 are contained within or border the city limits of Houston, TX, . Zip code 77070 is within area code 713, area code 832 and area code 281.

Is 77070 a good area?

Is 77070, TX Safe? The C+ grade means the rate of crime is about the same as the average US zip. 77070 is in the 47th percentile for safety, meaning 53% of zip codes are safer and 47% of zip codes are more dangerous.

What county is 77070 located in?

Harris County

What school district is 77070?

We found 8 schools….Hancock Elementary.

School Name Klein Cain High School
Grades 9-12
District Klein Independent School District
Students/Teachers Enrollment 3,379
Student/ Teacher Ratio 17.6

What is the zip code for Willowbrook Illinois?

Willowbrook/Zip codes

How safe is 77070?

77070 is in the 68th percentile for safety, meaning 32% of zip codes are safer and 68% of zip codes are more dangerous. The rate of violent crime in 77070 is 1.97 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

What zip code is 77041?

ZIP Code 77041

Post Office City: Houston, TX (View All Cities)
Neighborhood: Houston
County: Harris County
Timezone: Central (12:43pm)
Area code: 713 (Area Code Map)

What county is Willowbrook Illinois located in?

DuPage County
The Village of Willowbrook is located in southeastern DuPage County at the intersection of Route 83 (Kingery Highway) and Interstate 55. The Village Hall houses the administrative departments of the Village.

What is the zip code for Westmont Illinois?

Westmont/Zip codes

What county is 77070?

77070 zip code is located in southeast Texas . 77070 zip code is part of Harris County.

What are the last 4 numbers after the ZIP code?

People call and ask for the ” Full ZIP Code “, the ” Last 4 Digits ” of their ZIP Code, the ” 9 Digit ZIP Code “, the ” numbers after a ZIP Code “, the ” 4 digit extension ” and so on. Even though they all mean the same thing, The U.S.

What does 4 digit after ZIP code mean?

To condense this further: The +4 part of a ZIP Code is a 4 digit code that is dependant on a physical address whether it be a Post Office box, business or home. These extra 4 digits allow letters to be high speed sorted right down to and in sequence with a carriers delivery route. As you might imagine this saves a huge amount of processing time.

How do you find a ZIP code extension?

You can get to it from the homepage when you click on “Quick Tools” and select “Look Up a ZIP code” from the drop-down menu. Enter the street address, city and state in the appropriate boxes and click on the “Find” button. The tool displays the ZIP code and its four-number extension on the following page.