What are tipos de microdados da PNAD continua?

A PNAD Contínua possui dois tipos de microdados: Trimestral, que contém a parte básica investigada pela pesquisa, contendo variáveis conjunturais de mercado de trabalho referentes a um trimestre civil; Anual, que contém temas estruturais específicos investigados na pesquisa para um ano civil.

Where does most data come from in microdadosbrasil?

Most data is provided in fixed width files (fwf) with import instructions only for SAS and SPSS. The Data sometimes comes subdivided into serveral files, by state or macro regions. Also, it is common for file and variable names of the same dataset to vary overtime. microdadoBrasil handles all these idiosyncrasies for you.

What’s the difference between microdadosbrasil and Stata?

Harmonization of Census data from several countries, including Brasil. Import functions for R, Stata, SAS and SPSS. microdadosBrasil differs from those packages in that it: separates import code from dataset specific metadata, as explained below.