What are the top 10 bass guitars?

10 best bass guitars 2021: four-string and five-string bass guitars for every budget

  • Fender. American Performer Precision Bass.
  • Sterling. By Music Man SUB Ray5.
  • Fender. Mustang bass guitar.
  • Yamaha. TRBX305 bass guitar.
  • Fender. Geddy Lee Signature Jazz bass.
  • Epiphone. Viola Bass.
  • Ibanez. SRH500-DEF Bass Workshop.
  • G&L. Tribute L2000.

What is the most popular bass guitar?

Fender Precision Bass
1. Fender Precision Bass. At the top of the list is the Fender Precision Bass, commonly referred to as the P Bass. P Basses are incredibly popular and are likely the best selling electric bass of all time, although that fact is very difficult to prove.

Why Bass guitar is the best?

It’s Easier than the Guitar The bass is an important part of almost every song. It provides tones that are around an octave lower than that of a guitar. Tuning is simpler because each string is the same interval apart. This makes scales much easier to play.

What brand of bass is the best?

  1. Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Jazz Bass. The best bass guitar on a budget.
  2. Yamaha BB435 Bass Guitar.
  3. Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro.
  4. G&L Tribute L-2000.
  5. Schecter Stiletto Studio 6.
  6. Fender JMJ Road Worn Mustang.
  7. Ibanez SR2405W 5-String Bass Guitar.
  8. Fender American Ultra Precision Bass Guitar.

What kind of bass does Flea play?

Modulus bass
Flea relies on his main Modulus bass for the majority of the set. It’s outfitted with a Modulus Lane Poor pickup, which is no longer in production, an Aguilar preamp, and a Leo Quan Badass bridge.

Is fender a good bass brand?

Fender makes great basses. The Jazz bass and Precision bass are iconic in the music world. There is also the Mustang bass, but it’s not as popular. Different models of Jazz and Precision basses are available at prices from $500 to $2000.

Why are bassists so hot?

They are passionate about the music, they are more attracted towards the bigger goal they have, as long as there is the mutual respect in the band members. Bassists are comfortable with what they have, and that’s what makes them more attractive for many girls.

What bass does Geddy Lee play?

Fender Jazz Bass
Geddy Lee’s main bass is a black 1972 Fender Jazz Bass he bought from a pawn shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan for $200 (US$910 in 2020 dollars). It was used to record the albums Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals, Counterparts, Test for Echo, Vapor Trails, Feedback, Snakes and Arrows, and Clockwork Angels.

Is Squier a good bass brand?

Don’t be mistaken, Squiers are no cheap knock-offs and although they are made using cheaper components, the Squier basses we’ve reviewed in this article are extremely good quality for the price range. Being owned by Fender means the models of bass available are pretty much the same.

What bass does paul McCartney play?

Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass
The Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass (sometimes nicknamed the “Beatle Bass” or “Cavern Bass”) is a model of electric bass manufactured by Höfner under several varieties. It was introduced in 1955 and gained celebrity status during the 1960s as one of the primary basses used by Paul McCartney of The Beatles.

What bass guitar brands are best?

Best Bass Brands

  • Fender. Fender makes great basses.
  • Ibanez. Another major bass maker is Ibanez.
  • Ernie Ball Music Man. Another high-quality bass brand is Music Man by Ernie Ball.
  • Yamaha. Another giant in the bass world is Yamaha.
  • Rickenbacker.
  • Gibson.
  • Schecter.
  • Hofner.

What are some good bass guitar brands?

We selected the top bass guitar brands based on popularity with musicians, influence, historical significance and quality. The top 5 bass brands are: Fender, Hofner, Rickenbacker, Music Man, Warwick.

What are some good brand names for bass guitars?

Fender Beginner/Intermediate Gibson Intermediate/Advanced Ibanez Beginner Yamaha Intermediate/Advanced Squier Beginner Rickenbacker Intermediate/Advanced Warwick Advanced Washburn Intermediate/Advanced Schecter Intermediate Stagg

What is the best bass guitar?

Ibanez GSRM20 Micro (Budget Pick)

  • Ibanez GSRM25 (Best 5 String)
  • Fender Mustang PJ (Best Value)
  • Lakland Skyline Hollowbody-30 (Editor’s Choice)
  • Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass (Best Under$1000)
  • Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II (Best Under$500)
  • Epiphone EB-0
  • Eastwood Airline Map Bass
  • Dean EVO XM Bass
  • Jackson JS1X Concert Bass Minion
  • What is a good beginner bass?

    The Fender Modern Player Jaguar Bass is a China build. However, “it’s a Fender.” If Squier puts you off and you want Fender-branded without breaking the bank and have it be something that’s a good beginner bass, Fender’s MP Jag with its P/J pickup layout is a good choice.